A Makeover Story

Hi! Today morning began on a fairly organized note.The kids were angelic , the maid was punctual (bless her..what would we be without our womenfridays) and I could leave for office on time.How I love a calm start and how rare it can be ..

Breakfast was a power packed Green Monster that kept me enegetic & satisfied through the morning (I cant thank Angela of http://www.ohsheglows.com enough for introducing me to these awesome monsters!)

Quick & Easy Green Monster

– A cup of washed,fresh Spinach
– A small Banana
– A serving of Whey Protein Powder
– A cup of freshly blended Almond Milk

For the Almond Milk :

-Soak a handful of Almonds overnight. In the morning, add three times the water and blend,baby,blend! Hey presto…delicious, fresh, non dairy milk ! Totally rocks!



The day swung between putting the final touches to Communique NewsBytes -the newsletter our BTL agency shoots out to clients , explaining to the gardener what Organic fertilizer was (try doing that in Hindi!)and helping Dia decide whether her future golden retriever be named Rose or Muffin. So much for not multitasking.

Today’s workout was a 30 minute evening run punctuated by some fast paced walking in the park close by.It was hot.It was humid. I wasn’t in the best of moods. And i needed all the push i could muster to get out and hit the tracks. That’s when i turned to the best fitness motivators there ever could be – My trackies and the pair of running shoes. Strap on the gear and I could challenge anyone who says that it doesn’t put you in the mood to sweat it out!

Believe you me, of the umpteen times my inner Angelina Jolie has battled with the inner Bridget Jones , its the gear that puts me in the mood. It never fails to deliver – Put on the gear and don’t let your inner BJ trick you into letting the AJ be :).

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