Workplace Health

Nothing confounds me as much as the decision on what to munch on when snack cravings strike at work! The regular options of Tea , Coffee  and cookies don’t particularly do me any good except for that fleeting glucose kick. And of course, The Maggi – last hope of the hungry and short on time- not my idea of a healthy snack, but which ended up being a last recourse.
So I did the next best thing.
 I decided to plan ahead and compiled a list of easy-to-carry nutritious snack options that I could just dig into whenever i was craving a snack at work. Here goes :

1. Nutrition Bars/ Granolas – Nature’s Valley , Rite Bite are some options available at most big stores
2. Mixed Nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew, Raisins -Unsalted, unprocessed
3. Fruit – Apple , Orange , Pear ..whatever is easy to carry, wont make a mess in the bag and is seasonal
4. Wholewheat crackers / even soup sticks with a little home made hung-curd dip!!
5. Cottage cheese cubes
6. Salads with low-cal dressing ( are good as mid morning snack , but tend to get a little stale by the second half)
7. Green Tea Sachets ( Green tea has immense calming benefits, great for rushed office environs)
Apart from eating right , I wanted to incorporate some light yoga stretches that  could relieve the stiffness that is a fallout of too much time on the desk/computer and did not take much time, space or equipment. While looking around for something that fit the bill , here’s an easy series I dug up and which has worked great for me as well!

Till next time, while I rock some moves at the workplace .

Written by van@naturallylush

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