Roots – Cafe’ in the Park

Tis’ the season.
The onset of nip-in-the-air mornings, cool days and chilly nights. Of joy in the air and an all-seems-well-with the world feeling. Of seeking the wonderful delights of the outdoors. Of hot cups and warm conversations. Of good times with friends and family.
And one such place that invites you to do just that is a little secret located on the beautiful, verdant premises of Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Gurgaon –  ‘Roots. Cafe’ in the Park‘. Housed in a ‘Goanesque’ shack, Roots not just promises a lovely outdoor cafe’ experience ,it almost begs you to slow down, take a deep breath, sit back and relax when the hard nosed, fast paced, high on ambition, cutting edge Millennium City life gets a tad too stressful!
Love for the environment and healthy living is omnipresent in the cafe’ promoted by Rajesh Ojha (Co-founder, Banjara Camps), Ashish Arora (Owner, Himalayan Village,Sonapani) and Iona Joshua Sinha (She also runs a cafe at Sangla Valley). As their Facebook Group’s page says – Roots ‘hopes to incorporate all aspects of intelligent living – good health, good taste, sustainable practices and high ethical standards.’
Great for early morning cuppas , leisurely breakfasts, lazy brunches and delectable lunches & dinners, the place is very kid friendly too. What more can a mom-on-a-naturally healthy – mission ask for? 😉

Their Solar Energy powered kitchen promises delicious fare which, as the Cafe’s Manager Utsav Singh Kumar elaborated  “is light , healthy and cooked using minimal oil, with the freshest ingredients”
All Breads and other confectionery on offer are also baked in the cafe’ kitchen.
The cafe’s No-cola, No-straw policy is another initiative that contributes to promoting healthy food choices and environment preservation.
And the feast’s not just on your plate!
Just outside the cafe’
The Slow Life
Solar panels dotting the premises
The best part – as you wait for your order,  kids keep busy with solar car rides and play around on slides and other playground equipment that also teach them about harnessing all forms of energy!
I think my kids lit up a town or two.Yes.
The menu has some very healthy food & beverage options to choose from. Choose your beverage fix and pair it with low- on -oil Poha, Chillas, Upma, Sandwiches or Egg preparations
You also get a choice of Pizza , Pasta,Cutlets and simple Indian fare.. The sweet tooth is catered for by freshly baked Muffins, Brownies and Cinnamon Rolls.
But the all-shades-of brown exteriors and interiors can be a touch dull.
Till your table comes alive with a riot of colors and a burst of flavors as your order comes through! With all that brilliance and those uplifting shades, who needs a caffeine fix?! 😉
A hint of things to come!
Herbal Tea (Tulsi, Rhodendron,Thyme) with Honey
The kids rushed in all apple-cheeked from the play area , just in time for their Grilled Vegetable Sandwich withfresh Mint Chutney– totally drool-worthy. With a filling of cheese, butter, cucumber, tomato, greens and shredded carrot, it made for a great bite.
And some chilled , refreshing LemonadeIsn’t the sugar frosting on the rims adorable? 
AND some Cold Coffee. Just right.
Ok, there was a little skirmish on the table when the desserts arrived. So much for a well behaved family.
I mean I didn’t HAVE to leave all of that for the kids. Momma-on-a-Big Sulk. Daddy too. That freshly baked Muffin with Chocolate Sauce was such a tease!
 Not my doing.I swear.
The Chocolate Brownie joined forces with the Muffin. It’s a strategy. An amazingly yummy one though! 🙂
Moist, Sinful, Delicious

With the goodies tucked in, a stroll around revealed some delightful sights.

Pretty herbs.All in a row.




Who would have thought? I think I washed my hands in that lovely piece for around 30 mins. And every 5 mins. after that. Don’t blame me.
Yessir.We do have a table for one.
Lovely outdoor seating. Perfect for the Fall-Winter season! So looking forward to it.
The chef and the service staff trained at the Himalayan Village, Sonapani assure you of warm and friendly service .
The Cafe’s Manager Utsav Singh Kumar with a few members of the service staff.
Cafe’ Manager Utsav (extreme left) with some service staff 
I had hosted my daughter’s 6 year birthday party at the cafe’ and it was loved by the guests! 
To reach the cafe’ take a look at can also check out their Facebook group’s page at
Timings : 8 am – 8 pm
Meal for Two : Rs.300 approx.
Closed on Mondays
Till next time, here’s wishing you Season’s Greetings and a happy, healthy festive season ahead!


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