Sinful Craving’s Organic,Handmade,Wholewheat Pasta made with real veggies

Organic, Hand-Made, Whole Wheat Pasta with Real Vegetables
There are some things that induce a sense of euphoria in me. The break-into-a- cartwheel kinds. Like rain on a sunny day, a favorite movie playing on TV, gardening success when I am not exactly what they call a green thumb and surprise gifts. 
So when a package reached my home (a lucky draw win on the SINFUL CRAVINGS Facebook Page-, I nearly shrieked with a health-nut sorta joy!. The anticipated baker’s goodies were there (to die for, by the way! ), but what really got me super-excited was this.

from Sinful Cravings

 Whole-Wheat Beetroot Pasta
Whole-Wheat Spinach Pasta
First things first. Being no nutritionist , I like simple reasons and explanations for why I should eat what I do. So, why go the Whole Grain way?
  • Whole Grain is just that.Whole.Since nothing is removed during processing, the flour contains all parts of the grain (bran, germ and endosperm) – thus, more natural fibre and more micronutrients.
  • Whole grains take longer to break down in the body and release energy slowly and over a longer period of time, keeping you going for longer.
  • They make you feel fuller for a longer duration, reducing your calorie intake and aiding weight-loss efforts.
Hand -Made with Organic Whole Wheat
And when that healthy, whole wheat pasta is packed with the goodness of real vegetables, you have a winner!
Whole Wheat , Organic Beetroot Pasta made with Real Beetroot
Whole Wheat, Organic Spinach Pasta made with Real Spinach
As Nafisa Riz of Sinful Cravings explains “This is really super healthy & can be consumed very often without worrying like for the normal pasta since this has wheat & real vegetables. A way to make the kids eat vegetables with them enjoying it!” 

Well,the Nutritional Highlights are a delight!

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Whole Wheat
  • No-Maida
  • Organic
  • Hand-made
  • Real Fresh Vegetables used
  • No Flavoring
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • No Preservatives
  • No Oil
  • Can be made with Spinach , Beetroot, Carrot or any other vegetable
  • Assorted Pastas available in quantities of 1 Kg or more
  • Fruit Pastas (for Salads) available in Lemon and Orange, with Chocolate Pasta coming soon.
  • Request for other variations can be taken
  • Other Pasta shapes and Lasagna Sheets also made on order
To Order :
  • Contact Nafisa from Sinful Cravings at 971-777-2662 or email at
  • Minimum 3 days notice required
  • Minimum Qty. for Ordering : 500 gms.
  • Price : Rs.99 for 500 gms.
Know more about Sinful Cravings at 

Note : Do  follow the instructions on the packet as whole grain pasta cooks a little differently than the regular ones. And yes, the pasta passed the kiddie taste – test with my 10 year old polishing off the ‘Spinach Pasta in White Sauce’ I made before I could say ‘Hallelujah!’.

Cartwheels, again.

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