Rustic Art’s Safe Cocoon Organic Sun Screen Lotion

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‘WIth the goodness of Fuller’s Mud & Grape Seed Oil’

Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun / And I say, it’s alright 🙂

The summery Beatles number is just perfect for the turning weather. And yeah, serves as a musical reminder to stock up on sun-screens. Although, sunscreens are now advised through the year (plus, indoors as well as outdoors) , the summer & sunscreen pairing is all too important.

But hey, what’s in that tube of sunscreen at the supermarket beauty aisle and what could it potentially cause?

Here’ s an excerpt from the online Organic Lifestyles Magazine – Both petrochemical based sunscreens as well as physical sunblocks , generate free radicals when exposed to sunlight, which then can attack the nuclei of your skin cells & cause mutations. Further, sunscreen chemicals have been known to pass through the skin and mimic the effects of estrogen which may disturb the delicate balance of body’s natural hormones.

And beat this – Titanium dioxide ( found in most sunscreens) is now being used as a new treatment for window glass because it attacks and degrades anything that touches it, thereby helping to keep windows clean. Huh. 

So, the best one can do with these complicated explanations is – keep it on the safer side. Proof or not, why wait for science or industry regulations to conclusively prove the connection between this stuff & its implications on our health? I would just take the obviously & logically  safer route, by keeping it as natural as possible.

Since Sunscreen also requires repeated application to stay effective, irrespective of SPF, this organic option from Rustic Art is a pretty cool bet!

Rustic Art’s Safe Cocoon Organic Sun Screen Lotion (SPF 20+)

I recently bought this online and am definitely impressed.It scores high on ingredients, texture & packaging. Although the SPF is a little low, but high SPF translating into better benefit is being increasingly challenged.Rather, many scientific studies seem to discourage a very high SPF.

Further, repeated application (required of any sunscreen) should ensure sufficient protection. So, here goes –


Certified Aloe Gel, Jojoba Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Zinc Oxide, Fuller’s Mud, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin,Coconut Milk, E Wax Certified Organic Ingredients , Hand-blended & Natural , Vegan Product




I liked the lightweight texture of the lotion,  doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and leaves no whitish tell-tale signs that many sunscreens tend to do. It also blends smoothly and absorbs easily with a nice moisturizing effect, without the oiliness. The naturally pleasant fragrance is delightful!



The product bottle comes with an easy to use Pump Dispenser top, with a nice smooth nozzle flow. Since I tend to over squeeze the tube types, this dispenser lets me manage the quantity well, without any mess-ups.


The downside – it’s a little heavy on the wallet at Rs.750 for the 100 ml bottle, but paying extra for something that’s not going to cause you any harm in the long term might just be a very sound investment.

Best of all, its great when you know your skin is safe not just from the sun , but also from unwanted chemicals.

You can find it at or buy online from any of the sites listed at

And, here’s the Beatles number that makes you want to put on that l’il summer dress and step out in the sun! Of course, with protection, my naturally lush reader! 🙂

What’s in your sunscreen? Let me know. And stay naturally lush!


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