DIY Green Tea & Holy Basil Ice Cube Toner

icecube jar2

There are some DIYs that one just has to try. They are easy-peasy to concoct , give a natural shot of goodness , are handy & very effective.

Like Green Tea & Holy Basil Ice Cubes for an instant summer skin pick-me-up. A great aid to reduce skin redness, fight acne , tone the skin and with anti aging benefits to boot!

Green Tea & Basil are known for their fabulous skin benefits while beauty industry insiders have long sworn by the trick of an ice-cube rub on skin to get instantly toned, dewy fresh skin. The logic is simple – the intense cold causes pores in the skin to constrict, giving an appearance of a smooth skin. This creates a great base for applying foundation /makeup , apart from giving a clear looking complexion. Also, this is a very beneficial skin cooling aid post sun-exposure.

Here’s an absolutely simple DIY that beautifully combines the benefits of Green Tea, Holy Basil & Ice to give you wonderfully toned skin in a jiffy.

Ingredient Benefits

Green Tea is an Anti-oxidant powerhouse, known for guzzling free radicals that cause agingIt is excellent for reducing redness in skin, and reducing acne –thanks to its Anti-inflammatory properties. Green Tea also provides protection against sun-damage.

Organic Green Tea leaves

Holy Basil (Tulsiis an age-old, traditional cure for help in reducing acne and healing the skin, owing to its Antiseptic powers. Also, a high concentration of Anti-ageing elements fight off fine lines & a dull complexion.

Holy Basil2
Holy Basil (Tulsi) Paste (Image Source :

DIY Green Tea & Holy Basil Ice Cubes

Step 1 Steep 2-3 Teaspoons of Organic Green Tea in a large cup of water ( best heated till about 85°C) for 4-5 minutes, allowing the water to draw in most benefits of the tea.

teasteep with brand


Step 2  Add 10-15 Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves to the brew, leaving it to steep for another 5-7 minutes (Also add some freshly crushed basil leaves so that the released oils blend smoothly in the brew).

tulsi in tea
Tulsi steeped in a Green Tea brew

tulsi steep

Step 3 Freeze & store, ready for use as & when needed!

icetray before


To use  Wait for the ice to thaw before rubbing on skin and then rub across face for a couple of minutes in quick, circular motions.

icecube plate1

You can make ice-cubes from Rose water, Fresh Fruit juice, Milk , Lemon juice in a similar way and get a burst of natural goodness, along with instantly toned skin!

Have you tried an ice-cube facial rub earlier? How was your experience?

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