Naturally Lush with Komal Sodhi

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When I first walked into her studio for my Yoga class, I was stuck by how elegant she made Yoga look. And her amazingly calm, youthful looks with a glowing complexion to boot!

Meet Komal Sodhi. Certified Yoga Instructor from the Sivananda Ashram, Kerala. Also, the first person in India to become a certified Les Mills Trainer, Assessor and Presenter of Body Balance(TM) and Body Vive(TM). Komal is the owner and director of ‘Komal Yoga and Fitness Studio’, a calm little place in DLF IV, Gurgaon. Wait, there’s more to come! She is also a globetrotting mountaineer, having conquered many a treacherous peaks. A Mrs.DLF (2007 – First Runner Up), this gorgeous woman has been married for the past 16 years, with two beautiful daughters aged 10 & 15. Talk of some women making it all happen. 🙂

Here’s the muti-faceted Komal sharing her favorite ‘glow from within’ tips & tricks with ‘Naturally Lush’.

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Hi Komal, let’s hear it. What’s the secret to that healthy & gorgeous glow you got? 

Being a Yoga instructor , the practice of yoga is an integral part of my regime as I take one or two classes everyday that include Asanas and Pranayamas. I particularly recommend the practice of ‘Surya Namaskars’ as it makes you sweat leading to internal cleansing and ‘Pranayamas’ ,which purifies the lungs to bring a glow to the face. Also, ‘Sarvangasana’ keeps you looking young forever!

kom-yog-mounAnd, what is your daily beauty regime like? Which are your favorite go-to cosmetic brands?

The most important beauty routine I follow is to ‘Keep it Simple’. I keep my skin clean and fresh and use minimal make-up. Even for the makeup, I prefer products made from natural ingredients and dislike very heavy makeup.My day starts by drinking 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach. I also take a glass of Wheatgrass juice and warm Honey Lemon water every morning. I am a vegetarian and try to eat simple, light, home cooked meals.

During my outdoor treks that require me to stay in the sun for many hours, I load up on sunscreen liberally and always wear a hat.

As for brands, I love products from Forest Essentials , like their moisturizer, hair oil and shampoo.I try and stick to Body Shop for cosmetics and pick up products from Kamaayurveda whenever I can 🙂

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How has the practice of Yoga helped you as an avid mountaineer?

Apart from keeping me physically extremely fit, Yoga brings a sense of calm and balance & my practice of yoga naturally flows into meditation as I surrender to the mighty mountains. I also attribute my spiritual growth to my experiences of nature in all its glory and fury.

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Please share a couple of simple daily Yoga routines to enhance and maintain a natural, healthy glow.

To enhance natural beauty, do 10-12 rounds of Surya Namaskars every morning, Pranayamas such as Kapal Bhati and Bhastrika, preferably outdoors.

Detox once a week by going on a Juice/Soups diet.

Meditate to relax the mind.

Also, the exterior is reflects the various aspects of the interior. People spend a fortune on their exterior appearance not realizing that the problem could be in the glandular system, which can be normalized by practicing Yoga and Pranayama regularly.

Super! Thank you for sharing these natural ‘mantras’ for good health & natural gorgeousness!

To know more about Yoga classes at the ‘Komal Yoga & Fitness Studio’, 5217 DLF –IV, take a look at its website or FaceBook Page 


To drop in for a free trial class please call Komal Sodhi at 9811977066.  

Stay Naturally Lush!


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