‘Colour Me Organic’ Hair Color

color coverI know.

I can sense that relief. And doubt. And ‘Henna’ flashing across your mind. That’s how I felt too.But nah, we aren’t talking ‘orangey’ locks here 🙂

It was a delight to discover a safe , effective substitute for the chemical nightmare that a hair coloring job is. I’ll be honest here. I have tried chemical coloring a few times in the past( I don’t yet have any greys, but I tend to sometimes want to darken my light brown hair). And each time the signs were there – the noxious fumes, the sting in the eyes,the gut feel that this doesn’t feel quite alright. C,mon we don’t need a scientific report to prove that chemical hair dyes might be potentially pretty dangerous and anyways, many studies have linked chemicals found in hair dyes to cancers.

So, the best bet really is to follow the ‘Safe than Sorry’ rule!

Last month, I happened to be browsing the aisles at ‘Swadeshi Jeevan – The Organic Store’ near IFFCO Metro station, Gurgaon , when I saw this product and practically hollered ‘Hallelujah’!. The deal seemed too good to be true -100% Organic Herb based color that also nourished the hair , available in shades of all kinds and it wasn’t henna! ( Not that henna isn’t great for the hair, but the orange tell-tale signs can be a different story altogether, not to mention a complete style disaster!)

Colour Me Organic is a certified 100% organic, natural, herb based range of hair color, available in 10 shades to suit any preference.  Manufactured & Exported by Radico, to a number of countries , it claims to be the first certified organic hair color with no side effects. You can read more about the brand at www.colourmeorganic.com.

Packaging Available in 100 gms kit – the outer pack lists all product details, including  ingredients, shades available and certifications. The ingredients for the ‘Dark Brown’ shade included Henna, Methi, Amla, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Coffee, Indigo, Manjistha. Super, or what!

color ing


color choices color certs

 Contents The pack holds the color pouch, application brush, gloves, shower cap & instruction leaflet.

color inside pack

color pack inclusions

Usage Instructions  Mix powder in warm water in 1:3 ratio ( 1 part organic hair color & 3 parts water), apply with hand or brush, cover head with shower cap, heat through hair dryer can be applied during this time to intensify results, rinse wash after 60-90 minutes, Shampoo (Qty required for application as mentioned in the manual is 20-30 gms for short hair, 40-60 gms for shoulder length hair , 70 -100 gms for long hair) 

Price Rs.600

Review Family & friends who have used the product are very happy with it and its on my list as & when I decide to color my hair!

Available At  

‘Swadeshi Jeevan- The Organic Store’
S.C.O 393, Sector-29
Near IFFCO Metro Station
Behind Petrol Pump Gurgaon
Phone:0124-2577507, 9990396060

Also shop for it online at Colour Me OrganicJabong, Snapdeal, My Green Kart, Flipkart

Have you used this product earlier? Drop me a review line, in case you have! 


    1. Hi..thanks for stopping by! Yes, it works on grey hair, but will need more frequent application, as these are natural pigments which fade away sooner than chemical ones ( but score huge brownie points on the health scale).Sorry, haven’t tried the Soft Black.Do leave a feedback if you happen to try it!:)


      1. Hey, I have just tried this product for the first time, in Soft Black, to cover a small patch of grey on my temples.

        I was so underwhelmed by the supermarket “permanent” dyes which only last 2 weeks on my hair anyway before fading so I figured no loss on trying natural impermanent options.

        Happy with the result after a 90 minute application. Hair not dry and wirey, no nasty chemicals and smells. I definitely recommend trying this product


      2. I just used the product to color my hair. First time i used it. And i feel having fever and headache. Can this symptoms be side effects of my body reactions?


      3. Hi.. am sorry to hear about your condition. Please do a patch test before using any natural product. Also, it could be a reaction , please take advise from a physician , hope you get better soon.


  1. hey, did anyone noticed this colour comes in 10shades but the list of ingredients is exactly same. Have a doubt how is dis posible dat all the exact ingredients are giving 10 different shades. I think how is this possible. And if it is so it cant be without the use of chemicals. Can anyone pls xplain?


    1. Hi Priyanka,
      Yes, This product comes with 10 shades but if you see on different hair colour box, they got different ingredients. so they don’t have all the 10 ingredients in every colour shades, for different colours different ingredients are used but all organic and natural! 🙂 You can find this on the box aswell


  2. Had an allergic reaction to something in this product; Company I purchased it from (Aubrey Organics) ignored two emails requesting advice – had to see emergency doctor at local hospital. Now on high strength antihistamines. Hair has to be kept tied up in a top knot and covered in emollient cream but head/ears/neck still constantly painful and still no response/help from company. Be very careful ‘natural’ does not mean you can’t be allergic and be aware that my reaction took over two weeks to start (yes the problem is definitely the hair dye); test patch won’t do much good unless you are prepared to wait weeks for a reaction.


    1. Hi Heather, sorry to hear about your experience! Hope you are doing better now. You should try and reach the company’s customer care directly, if the place you bought it from is a reseller & is not responding! And yes, natural doesn’t mean one can’t have a reaction but in most cases it would be an immediate one. So one goes by that experience and exercises due care.


  3. ok it is all great….organic…organic…natural without harsh chemicals…
    I desparately looking for a long time a product which is natural and organic….but to cover my greys completly…
    I found some in USA but they don’t shipping to Australia….
    I bought some hairday from India but it doesn’t cover my greys…they just became a bit darker..
    I bought Radico,,,,, I will try that soon but I feel I will be disappointed..


    1. Hi Mirjana, I understand how frustrating it must be not to find a suitable , all natural hair color product. Please stay tuned to the blog as will shortly be reviewing 2 more natural hair colour brands. Thanks for dropping in your feedback!


      1. Hi..i just tried this product dark brown,very very disappointed..even though I kept more than 90 minutes say around 2 hrs..after washing i was so shocked to see my grey hair hasn’t turned to brown atleast …..why this result.? my 600 rs down the drain..not a single grey hair turned into a color i wanted…..won’t recommend to any of my friends ..


      2. Hi Sujatha, very sorry to hear about your experience. Natural products do not have same deep pigmentation as chemical ones, but surprising it didn’t work at all. Have you used it again? Hopefully you followed the procedure as mentioned on the pack.


  4. Hi there I have used the dark brown tonight and really happy with the outcome. My hair is nice and Shiney and darker.I’ll definitely use again.


  5. i’m so glad I found your blog and this post! I just bought this after hearing good things, but haven’t tried it yet. Glad to hear you really like it, and a few others on here too. I had used the chemically-hair dyes for many many years and just the past year or two I changed over to henna which I LOVED (even with red hues lol) but I couldn’t find a dark brown colour so I was happy to see this! I’ll let you know what I think after I try it. Thanks again for your review 🙂

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  6. I adore this product! I have naturally mousy brown hair with reddish undertones and about 5% grey. I used the golden blonde, and my hair became slightly auburn with greys turning golden. It made my hair fuller, softer and shiner as well. It’s been three weeks since I first applied it ,and the colour has become lighter, but still a very nice shade and grey coverage still working. It covers grey in my hair better than the chemical dye I had been using. I could leave another week or two I expect before the next application, but like the stuff so much that have re -applied now and have it on my head as I write. I also like this product as it’s an ethical choice of hair colour because it doesn’t pollute the environment and supports herb growers in India.


  7. I have ordered champagne blonde and never used henna. I have medium blonde hair and am wondering if anyone out there has used this color. I am hoping for darker color with some red.


  8. Hi I have never colored my hair before as I know it is harmful nor have I applied henna coz I don’t like the colour…I used to cut my greys down but now I have more than a hundred do thought of colouring and wanted to go organic, so I chose this product I kept it on my hair for 4+ hours and my greys turned orange 😦 they say it happens rarely and to use indigo leaf powder of it does… Does this mean I have to always use indigo powder and what colour will it be then


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