8 All-Natural Mosquito Repellents

mos cover

They’re back. Sadly enough, it’s not the Men in Black.

It’s the mosquitoes.

Buzzing the sanity out of us, making for paranoid mothers and putting in the fear of Dengue, Malaria and what have you, sending households into loading up on all the conventional anti-mosquito ammunition (Vaporizers, Coils, Creams etc).

Unfortunately, most store bought conventional repellents use chemical stuff like Prallethrin ,Deodorized kerosene, DEET,  BHT ( Butylated Hydroxytaluene) etc. to keep the pesky insects away. Now, give a thought to the fact that people living in the house are inhaling the same toxic chemical cocktail, day in and out.

There are many reports online talking about the adverse effects of these chemicals on humans -nausea, headaches, dizziness, sleep disruption and more serious ones when exposed to over long durations. But, commonsense & logic would dictate that one wouldn’t want to wait for conclusive research, regulations and science to find out its effects on self and one’s family!

Natural, non-toxic , safe options to the rescue!

And there are plenty. Used in combination, they can be very effective warfare against the bugs. Formulated from plant based oils known for their bug repelling properties – Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedar wood, Neem etc, these products offer a potent barrier to mosquitoes, without any adverse health effects.

Here are 8 safe options!

For Personal Use 

1. FabIndia Mosquito Repellant with Natural Oils

Made with natural plant based oils, the spray type bottle is handy to use & keep. I have used it for my kids and I love its ease of application and effectiveness. It is great for people with sensitive skins too.

Available at FabIndia stores and online at Jabong and Health Kart.fabindia mosquito repellant with natural oils

2. Last Forest Citronella Beeswax Balm & Oil 

Citronella oil blended with Beeswax effectively and safely repels mosquitoes and other insects. It also has a mild and soothing fragrance.

Available at Desi Origins , B-150, Supermart 1, DLF-IV, Gurgaon and at their online store.

citronella balm desi origins

3. Vitro Naturals Mosquito Repellant Aloe Gel 

Natural formulation based on Medicinal plant Essential oils & Plant extract with Citronella Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Ajwain extracts ( Available in 100 gm tube & 100 gm pump bottle).

Available at Flipkart ,  Live Organic, The Eco StoreVitro Mosquito Repellant Aloe Gel

For Household Spaces 

4.Vitro Naturals Mosquito Repellant Spray 100% Natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly spray that also acts as a room freshener. Active ingredients include Pine Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Citronella Oil, Margosa Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil. ( Available in 120 ml bottle). Buy Online at Flipkart and Live Organicvitro rep spray

5. Nirvaaha Mosquito Repellant Eco stick Nirvaaha Eco Stick is 100% herbal (chemical-free) and environmentally-friendly room freshner and mosquito repellant incense. Handmade from Ayurvedic herbs, these incense are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal that repel mosquitoes, cleanse the air, and strengthen the lungs and nervous system. Buy online at EcoTokri, My Green Kart or at Nirvaaha,D 59, Defence Colony (New Delhi), Opp.Moolchand Flyover.


6. Nature’s Lap Herbamop An antibacterial, anti-fungal natural cleaner with germ check property. It repels Mosquitoes, flies and insects and is child safe. It has a natural aroma and contains essential oils extracted from Lemongrass, Citronella,Cedar Wood,Pine, Neem etc. To use, add 1-2 drops to 1 Litre water , can be used for floor mopping, kitchen counter, dining table, toys etc. Buy at Organic Shop.


7. Essential Oils of Citronella, Euclayptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Neem

All work  to repel the pests. Use in an oil diffuser, with a tea light for heat application. Place near doors/ windows.

Available at Aakriti Store, Galleria Market, Gurgaon and online at Soul Flower


For Garden / Plants

8. If you have plants in or around your house , Ritu Mathur of Upavan  advises a weekly Neem Oil spray on the plants to keep insects and mosquitoes at bay. Also, she suggests keeping crushed leaves (to release their oils) of aromatic plants like Citronella,Lemongrass Peppermint, Basil & Holy Basil at door entrances to deter the mosquitoes.

ritu mathur

All plants and Neem Oil are available at Upavan- 234/2 . Sec 12, Gurgaon ( Opp.Main BSNL exchange).You can reach Ritu at 9818168018.

Apart from these, there is the regular drill of not allowing for water to stagnate in or around the house! So, there you are. A whole bunch of chemical free, safe, non toxic options are available out there to keep the mozzies away!

What are you using this summer to keep mosquitoes at bay? Drop me a line in the comments section below, stay safe and stay naturally lush!


  1. Wow! That’s an extensive list Vandana!
    And here’s one more that I recently learnt from south of India. Hanging aloe-vera plant in closed/ open areas deter mosquitoes to a great extent too.


  2. going to try many of these seriously ! i have a very open and full of plants house.. and mosquitoes have arrived in droves… so struggling… with lots of bites…. cintronella in diffuser is working onlyh thus much


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