Naturally Lush with Reeti Sahai

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‘I got the eye of the Tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire,
‘Cause I am a Champion and you’re gonna hear me Rrrrroaaarrrr!’. Oh yeah!

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ never fails to get my groove on during workouts and these two lines could well be talking about this month’s Naturally Lush personality! A busy professional, home-maker and a stylish woman- she is a keen fitness enthusiast who manages to fit a grueling fitness schedule in the midst of all her professional and personal commitments.

Meet Reeti Sahai, Director- Tony & Guy (Vasant Vihar, New Delhi) – a woman who wears many ‘fitness hats’ and inspires you to keep moving.

She is not only an avid gym-goer, endurance cyclist and marathon runner but also loves to trek and is a high altitude mountaineer. Reeti has completed a trek to the Mt.Everest Base camp ,run many marathons, is one of the oldest members of ‘Delhi Cyclists’ & cycles between 50-100 Kms every weekend. She is also a member of ‘Delhi Hashers’ and regularly runs around 10 Kms every weekend.If that wasn’t enough , she also loves Swimming & Rafting!

Naturally Lush got talking to Reeti about her 5 days-a-week gym routine – which includes Spinning, Body pump, Body combat, CX works & TRX. She shares her tips on staying motivated, finding the right gym and looking great while sweating it out! 

NL Reeti, you are a walking advertisement on staying fit and healthy ! How do you make it happen?

RS I have been an avid sports enthusiast since my school days. Coming from a fauji background helped me become a lot more disciplined while pursuing a variety of sports activities. Running is at the core of my regimen, as I believe it is the most natural and easiest way to stay fit , while being accessible to all.

Being committed to staying healthy and fit helps me push myself further along on this journey. I don’t look at staying fit as an option for anybody, but an important way of life that should be adopted for a happier, fulfilling life experience!

reeti cycle

NL While pursuing fitness goals, some-times it gets tough  to keep the motivation going. What are your top 3 tips to ensuring self-motivation?

RS  Yes, being one’s most enthusiastic cheerleader is important! I would recommend 1. Set personal goals – then DEMOLISH them :). 2. Keep them SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound) & commit to a fitness schedule that you can stay with. 3. Try and team up with friends who can motivate you to stay with your workout regime.

Further, I would also suggest incorporating changes off and on in your weekly exercise schedule to keep it interesting, while also shocking your body with variety. So try a mix of say Gym, Dance , Running, Swimming etc and variety within your Gym routine too. Engage the Gym trainer with your goals and expectations and seek suggestions on the mix.IMG_1647

NL When selecting a Gym , what should one look for? And which are your favorite gyms to workout at? 

RS If you’ve decided to join a gym, you’re a step closer to achieving your fitness and health goals.

Firstly , Location – because if the gym is out of your way and inconvenient for you will make it much less likely that you’ll find the time and motivation to go. Secondly, ensure that the equipment is high quality and maintained well. Also, look out for the latest multi-functional exercise equipment & classes – aerobics, group classes, weights, trx, kettle ball etc. Thirdly, check for certified and experienced trainers who believe in a complete body workout and help in motivating you as well.

Most gyms will allow for trial classes to get an idea about the place and trainers.Plus, a good brand is always an added advantage.

My favorites in Delhi are Fitness First, Ozone, Olympia, Gold’s Gym, Talwarkar’s and Anatomy !


NL How do you motivate yourself to keep going at endurance events or at that last killing set at the gym? 

Endurance isn’t built in a day. Its about training yourself and then visualizing your success & it’s all in the mind :). Alongside the merciless assault on the body, endurance events also pose a profound psychological challenge. The best athletes push themselves mentally through torturous fatigue to stay physically and mentally tough over long distance and durations.

While I regularly train , I also visualise the sense of achievement and the lifetime memories I will have finishing an endurance event.

NL Eating healthy is imperative to ensuring overall fitness and health, so how do you ensure yours?

RS I’m a complete foodie & absolutely LOVE my food! Moderation is the key though  – the right quantity of even the wrong/junk food isn’t bad. Healthy eating isn’t about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.Rather, its about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood and keeping yourself as healthy as possible.

reeti fashion

NL We would love to know your go-to brands for fitness fashion! And how about, sharing a few tips on looking great at the gym! 

RS Some of the brands I dig are Lululemon, Athleta, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nike, Columbia and North Face. I also like to shop at Nike, Puma, Adidas , Reebok and Columbia at Select City Walk, Delhi. For great lowers , you can also check out Zara & Mango.

If ‘Look good, Feel good’ is a motto you choose to live by, then finding cute workout clothes is a must! Just because you get all sweaty doing squats and lunges in the gym or during your outdoor runs doesn’t mean you have to look totally dishevelled after you get your fitness on!

Don’t compromise comfort.Oversized wear or overtly tight clothing will only cause you to feel dull or uncomfortable during your workout. Don’t blend in – invest in some colourful workout wear. When it comes to hair and make up at the gym, ‘Less is more’ holds true. So, pull your hair back and go with the classic natural, clean and fresh look!IMG_1648

NL And what’s on your playlist right now? 🙂

RS Music is a great motivator and how! On my playlist now – Retro stuff like Roxette’s ‘Shes got the look’, Billy Idol’s ‘Mony,Mony’, ‘Danger Zone’ from the movie Top Gun. Also ‘Sweat’ by Snoop Dogg , Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ . I love working out to Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On the floor’ , Shakira’s ‘ Addicted to you’ , Enrique’s ‘Dirty dancer’, Akon’s ‘Sexy Bitch’ ,David Guetta’s ‘Crank it up’, LMFAO, Sexy Chick and more! Phew! 🙂

Hey Reeti, wishing you more successes , thanks for talking to Naturally Lush and keep inspiring!

What’s YOUR favorite workout ? Drop me a line and stay Naturally Lush!

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