Omved’s Tired Foot Soak Review

omved cover

This post has taken a while ’cause I was out gallivanting in the hills doing all sorts of outdoorsy stuff – hiking, river-crossing ( super-fun!) and rafting in the upper reaches of the Yamuna. Woohoo!We stayed at the lovely Himalayan Ecolodges, Viratkhai (near Chakrata, Uttarakhand). Great place for an adventure filled holiday if you are willing to rough it out a bit. ( It was freezing cold because of the rains, we had to put in advance request for hot water and my foaming bubble bath tube wasn’t needed.No.). But, the trip was full-on excitement!

So, once back all I craved was a warm bed, a massage and something to relax my achy-breaky feet.

Thankfully I had ordered in an all natural, chemical free foot soak a few days before leaving for the trip.Talk of finding something in your bathroom closet right when you need it! The product seduced me with its promise to ‘rejuvenate & refresh sore & tired muscles with this blissful pampering soak’ & the soothing citrusy-pepperminty fragrance was a further come-hither. I dove in, feet first.

Here’a a review of this handy savior of tired feet. ( Considering we live in a mall infested city, this can be quite a good thing to have around) ūüėČ


I ordered the product online and was glad to receive it promptly within a couple of days of placing the order. It arrived wrapped safely in a padded,cardboard box.

Packaging The coral pink & white salts are packed in a recyclable glass bottle, with clearly listed out ingredients and process to follow on the label. (Ok, so of course that was never going to be rocket science, but it helps you know!). I liked the easy size and gorgeous looking contents!

omved cover 2

Ingredients Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt,Peppermint Oil, Clary Sage, Lemon Oil. 100% Natural. 100% Pure therapeutic oils, blended in cold pressed plant oils. Contains only 100% herbal actives.¬†The label specifies ‘No Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones,Petrochemicals,Glycols,Phthalates,Synthetic Colours or Perfumes’.

As per their website, the ingredients offer the following benefits –

  • Mineral-rich, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is a cleansing agent, drawing out impurities and toxins from the body and relaxing the tissues.
  • Epsom Salts ease stress, relax stiff muscles and aching limbs and softens skin.
  • Clary Sage is an anti-bacterial muscle toner and eases soreness.
  • Cooling Peppermint relieves aching feet , while deodorizing.
  • Lemon is a circulatory stimulant.

ingredient omved

To Use The label asks you to add 2 Tablespoons of product to a pail of hot water, soak feet for 15 minutes, pat dry and moisturize.I found its capful a good & convenient measure.With this measure, the bottle should last for 3-4 soaks.

omved cap

Product experience Like the label says, it does make you feel indulged and gives a spa-ish feel to your home foot soak ritual.Its a good product to have around for those times when you need a little extra care. I also absolutely loved the strong lemon-peppermint fragrance. And yes, you do get that soothing Рrelaxing feeling once your feet are soaked.

Post soak, I could feel that my muscles were less sore ( of course, a lot had to do with the warm water), and my feet refreshed,softer and much pampered!

Price Rs.300 for a bottle

Availability Buy online at Omved and at GreenNGood.

Which is your favorite natural foot soak blend? Share in the comment section below and spread the goodness of staying naturally lush!





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