Synthesis 2014 : A Yoga & Wellness Retreat, Day 0

Ok. I’m so excited about this one.

It’s a trip I have waited for a very long time. The perfect retreat to explore mind-body-soul connections, to detox from the rigours of city life, journey into the self, to gently push one’s physical limits, indulge in soulful discussions, climb a mountain, join the rush of a playful river, feed the body light & nutritious food and converse with the soul.

Synthesis 2014 is an annual wellness retreat organized by Gurgaon-based Komal Yoga & Fitness Studio , lead by Komal Sodhi-a Yoga expert, fitness trainer and a mountaineer.The retreat is on from April 30th – May 03rd, 2014. This year , the focus is on practicing Yoga Asanas, Breath Meditations & Chanting, Yogic Discussions, Rafting,Trekking and some more exciting adventure activities thrown in. We are a group of 20 like-minded wellness enthusiasts from India, US and Japan and looking forward to learn and bond with each other.Nothing like a bunch of yogis ( or aspiring to be) getting together for a journey into the self. 🙂

Rainforest House, Rishikesh,an elegant and calm place by the River Ganges is the base for the retreat.It was awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 by Trip Advisor.(Yipee!I love me a good, nature centric property!). It does seem ideally suited for spiritual and wellness breaks , while also offering a base for some energetic treks around.The place serves light vegetarian food and alcohol is not permitted.

Ganges, near the Rainforest House

I intend keeping my diet light, raw as much as possible ( salads and fruits, ahoy!) and sticking to herbal & green teas.Though I think I will give in to a couple of hot cups of ginger chai during the day amidst such gorgeous surroundings, so that sure is happening. 🙂

Rainforest House, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand,India

I love the fact that the itinerary of Synthesis 2014 is wholesome with a good balance of body & soul activities.

The mornings and evenings are going to see us engage with Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Suksham Vyayam & Meditation practices( by the Ganges and yes, there’s a session by a gorgeous waterfall too!). During the day, we will be exploring the surroundings with a trek , river rafting , adventure activities and swimming! The late evenings will have us watching wellness/ fitness inspiring movies , specially curated for the retreat.

yoga mat + vic1
This Victorinox backpack has a nice flap to contain my Yoga mat and space for the laptop as well!Love!

There is something about taking off from your regular routines to basically just connect with yourself and nature. The resort has a lovely Meditation Room that is open from the sides, offering a fabulous view of the surrounding verdant forest.

meditation room
Meditation Room, Rainforest House. The open-ness is so inviting.

And though I do believe in traveling light, there is some stuff I can’t let go off. Looks like Zen may take some time coming.

An almost all-natural stash of goodness. Look good, feel good.

From the left : Forest Essentials Conditioner, Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser, Dr.Aditi SknEssentials Handmade Rice Bran Oil Cream ( for its rich creaminess in the dry mountain air) , Mountain Bounties Handmade Turmeric & Marigold Soap, Dior Gloss, Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color ( Tutu 14), Soul Tree Kohl, VLCC Matte Sunscreen with Pineapple extracts ( I like its sheer tinted coverage with protection), Fab India Mosquito Repellant with Natural Oils, Biotique Lip Plumping Balm. Rayban Aviators, love.

A woman needs what she needs.Even if she is on a wellness break.

Taking along my favorite author. His books, actually. Well.:)

Since am not a big fan of rushed trips & choc-a-bloc itineraries, am just so glad the itinerary is giving me time with myself and my books. Nice, easy , spaced out me-time.

And though I mostly carry along a travel journal, it was lovely to get a detailed list of things to carry from Komal, which included ensuring we carry a journal to note down thoughts, musings or anything that we wanted to pen down.

That favorite ‘Letternote’ diary is going to see a lot of positive and some bleh outpourings 🙂

I will be capturing the retreat’s essence through a daily online diary here , starting today (Day 0) to May 03rd (Day 4), sharing our daily activities, moments and adventures and it will be lovely to have you along in spirit.

victorinox -yoga cover

The group leaves early morning tomorrow. Do join me here for daily updates from the retreat & to experience the positive energies sent to you straight from Synthesis 2014. 🙂

Have a lovely evening , stay well and naturally lush!


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