Synthesis 2014, Day 2 Walkthrough

YogaByTheGanges-85 copy
Meditation by the Waterfall (Pic Credit : Ashnov)

Day 2, 01st May 2014

We woke up to the beautiful sound of the Ganges gushing by, leaves rustling in the cool early morning breeze and the chirping of birds. Today we were to explore the self in the beautiful environs near a waterfall ,later in the day imbibe the positive energies of a very learned soul and close the day with some refreshing Yoga and a discussion on Meditation techniques.

After a light morning tea, the group was all set to hike it up to the ‘Neer Waterfall’ , a 45 minute run from the property. Backpack,check. Change of clothes, check. Enthusiasm, double-check:).The hike, lead by Steve, owner of the Rainforest House, was a lovely climb with the stream rushing by in view.

YogaByTheGanges-75 copy

Once at the falls, we did as expected of a group of zen Yogis.We clambered over the boulders, rushed to remove our shoes and dive in! ;). But, then we were gently guided to our purpose – spending some quiet time with ourselves and the divine surroundings, before we decided to go in and let loose!

A 20 minute session on guided Meditation & Chanting, lead by Komal, followed. The experience was so sublime and beautiful and completely overwhelming with an all-pervading sense of peace and soothing calm , as we invoked the deities and turned inwards to connect with ourselves.

Pic Credit : Ashnov
Pic Credit : Ashnov

Of course, what followed was anything but sublime!The group went crazy getting soaked, having loads of fun, goofing around and yes, posing for pictures in their favorite Asanas.What did you expect? 😉

Behind the scenes action ;)
Behind the scenes action 😉 (Pic Credit: Ashnov and Yuka Ito)

Back from the hike, and a gorgeously refreshing breakfast of fresh fruits, porridge,poha and milk, we headed back to our rooms to rest and refresh.

Muesli,Freshly cut Fruits, Low Oil Poha make a girl healthy & wise :)
Muesli,Freshly cut Fruits, Low Oil Poha make a girl healthy & wise 🙂

Later in the day ,our host Steve suggested a visit to the nearby ‘Vashishth Cave’ , where Sage Vashishth and his wife Arundhati had mediated millennia ago. The cave had since then been a temple of enlightenment to many learned souls and was supposed to give off highly positive energies and vibes.

Post lunch, we headed for the cave situated on the banks of the Ganga. The group learnt that the walk up to the cave would be a Silent Walk , which meant no devices and no conversations with each other either. The idea was to allow for quiet absorption of the serenity in the surroundings and feel the connect with the soul.

A sign to set you thinking (at the entrance of the Vashishtha Cave) Pic Credit : Ashnov
A sign to set you thinking (at the entrance of the Vashishth Cave) Pic Credit : Ashnov

The ‘Vashsihth Cave’ visit was a revelatory experience as we meditated in pitch darkness, with the silhouette of a ‘Shiv Linga’ bathed in the dim glow of a solitary, flickering, earthen lamp. WIth the senses of sight and sound practically cut-off, one could tune inwards to have a mindful conversation with the self or just meditate on the surroundings.

YogaByTheGanges-138 copy
Entrance to the ‘Vashishtha Ashram’

An ethereal experience to say the least.

I think Yoga is the only form of exercise that doesn’t tire but rejuvenates you! In the evening,after the day’s activities, we were all raring to take part in the Session of Yoga Asanas in the ‘Meditation Hall’ , which closed with some Mantra chanting. I couldn’t help but smile as I heard a conch blowing and temple bells ringing at an evening prayer somewhere in the distance – an apt backdrop to a close to this beautiful day.:)


Post dinner, the group participated in another educative session on various aspects of Meditation,techniques and its benefits. 

Pic Credit : Ashnov

It is so important to just switch off , especially in our digital times with so much of white noise surrounding us. It is imperative to create quietness, absorb the silence and tune inwards now and then , to know the self better and be one with the soul.

I hope you lived the Day 2 through the post and would absolutely love to have you back tomorrow for the Day 3 & 4 ( I think since Day 2 covered a lot, Day 3 & 4 will make a better pair:). Till then, be well and wishing you a happy day ahead!


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