Samsara Handmade Soaps

Samsara Handmade Soaps – All natural, All good , All luscious

And I missed you! ♥

Its been a while since I posted but past month has been completely crazy with trips within and outside the country. Personally, I prefer spaced out schedules, me-time and a slower pace but well,at times that’s just not a possibility! After the Yoga retreat,  Frankfurt and Paris beckoned and I must say I was very impressed with the commitment to healthy lifestyles there. There was such a great choice of salad bars, fresh sandwiches, fresh fruit juice bars et al ( I would walk down daily from my Frankfurt hotel to the mall across just to grab a huge jar of freshly chopped fruits. Four times a day!). In the evening, post 5 pm , the roads and plazas were busy with locals cycling, skating, running, skateboarding, walking the pet- basically being very active.

I guess here in India, we are starting on that path, at least in the Metros, but weather and infrastructure can be such a letdown at times!I do hope some nice, hygienic fruit bars would crop up soon though.

Ok, this post is a review of  a wonderful, natural product – Samsara Handmade Soaps. Bhuvana Balan , a handmade soap crafter, makes these soaps in her own kitchen with all things natural! As she says, “Only essential oils are used for fragrance and therapeutic benefits , while natural colorants like neem powder, turmeric, freshly ground coffee powder, sandalwood paste, pomegranate juice etc add the colors. Also, all exfoliants used in the soaps are natural as well  – neem powder, ground oats & coffee powder, to name a few.The soaps are made with oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, and castor oil. Other oils and butters like avocado oil, sweet almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, coco butter are added depending on the specific soap requirements.”

Sounds delish, eh? I couldn’t wait to try ’em bars!

When I received the product samples from them, what really piqued my interest was the gorgeous, spicy fragrance the pack left in my hands! ( And I had yet to open the outer wrappings). As I tore gently unwrapped the bubble pack, there were two delightful variants in there – Rose, Geranium & Pomegranate Bar in a pretty pink pack and a Neem, Basil & Tea Tree ( Anti Fungal  & Anti Bacterial) one in a fresh green. And that heavenly aroma!

Delightful variants with the goodness of herbs, essential oils and fruits

So when NL asked Bhuvana to elaborate on the benefits of natural soaps vs commercial soap brands , she explained that ” People who have ever used handmade soaps swear by it and prefer such natural soaps compared to the commercial soaps. This is because of multiple reasons, apart from the key benefits of natural ingredients vs dangers of chemical ones.

Glycerin, a natural byproduct of the soap making process, is retained in natural soaps for maximum moisturization, whereas in commercial soaps, the glycerin is removed and sold for making lotions, creams and other cosmetics. Further, natural soaps, many a times use essential oils for fragrance and natural coloring agents, which add to the reasons why natural soaps are a better choice. Also, the cold process used for making the soaps uses the natural heat produced in the process of making soap and takes longer to dry and harden, thus retaining maximum benefits of the natural ingredients. If you’ve used handmade soaps, you will know that one stroke of the soap against the wet skin is enough to build lather while with commercial soaps, you need to apply much more.

Commercial soaps, on the other hand, are basically surfactant soaps- wherein foaming agents, coloring agents, and synthetic fragrance are used. Further, we have all heard of SLES/ SLS used in soaps & other daily cleaning products as foaming agents are known carcinogens. And the fragrance in most commercial soaps are chemical in nature, and does not really provide any skin or aroma therapy benefits.Further, there is no knowing what kind of fat or oils are used, and for those who are conscious of such aspects might find it discomforting. Thus, although handmade soaps are priced higher, you can be rest assured that the prices are against the ingredients in the soaps. On the other hand, commercial soaps cut cost in production and spend tons in advertisements for profits.”
Sometimes, I do wonder why most people still debate about choosing natural products! Yes, they are a tad expensive but like someone wise said ” What price health?” And , feel good earthy gorgeousness, I say! 😉
About Samsara Handmade Soaps, she explains“SAMSARA Handmade Soaps are made using the cold process method for optimum skin moisturization. Only pure essential oils are used for fragrance, aromatherapy and skin benefits. Further, only natural colorants are used in the soaps. For example, neem powder for green, pomegranate juice for pink color, coffee powder for brown… Further, the oils in the soap are a minimum 5% more than what is required for converting lye into soap so that there is enough skin benefitting oils to moisturize the skin with every bath. “
I can vouch for the softness of the product and the fact that it leaves your skin feeling very nourished and moisturized! Here’s a heads up on two variants of Samsara Handmade Soaps :
Rose, Geranium & Pomegranate

Samsara’s Rose, Geranium & Pomegranate

This one is a delicate, luxurious cleanser with a very heady, natural fragrance. I loved the gentle, dreamy romantic imagery its overtones of Rose and Cinnamon fragrances generate!While Rose derivatives are THE hottest trend in the natural beauty industry, Pomegranate seed oil is known for its anti-ageing properties. On use, the soap did not try out my skin and rather, softened the skin more.

Ingredients : Saponified oils of Coconut,Olive,Sesame, Castor & Pomegranate Seed Oil, Pomegranate Juice, Milk, Rose Water, Rose, Geranium & Cinnamon Essential Oils, Aqua, Lye
Regarding Samsara’s Neem, Basil and Tea Tree with Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial properties, I thought it was a great option in this summer heat and also if one has any mild skin issues.With the known medicinal benefits of  Neem, Basil & Tea Tree and exfoliating properties, its a soap I would like to have around for use every now and then. It has a naturally clean, fresh fragrance.
Neem, Basil & Tea Tree

Ingredients : Saponified oils of Coconut,Olive,Sesame,Castor and Neem ; Neem Powder ; Basil & Tea Tree Essential Oils ; Aqua & Lye

All Natural Ingredients!
The best part is the products have a certain softness to them, lending a luxurious touch. They are moisturizing, and as far as natural products go, truly divinely fragrant. Also, being handcrafted and hand cut  , no two soaps are the same and have that ‘ all natural’, rustic feel with all the goodness of nature in them.
Price  Rose, Geranium & Pomegranate for Rs.140 ( 100 gms ) and Neem,Basil & Tea Tree for Rs.150 (100 gms)
To buy Samsara Handmade Soaps
Retail Buyers : SAMSARA soaps are sold online through You could also check this periodically for any new additions to the list of soaps. Wholesale Buyers : Any purchase of 5 or more soaps qualifies as wholesale and attracts discount on the purchase and a free delivery anywhere in India for a bill of Rs. 500 or more. This is a limited period offer till stocks last. For wholesale purchase of the soaps, you could either message on the Facebook page  OR Call Bhuvana Balan at +91 99106 39409. You can also email her at
Let me know of your experience if you happen to use their products and yeah, stay naturally lush! 🙂



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