Salad Days ~ Delivering Handcrafted Premium Salads

Fresh, Authentic , Gourmet Salads , delivered at your doorstep

What happens when two management grads, motorbiking -health-travel- photography enthusiasts and ex-bandmates ( they played in Bodhi Tree, XLRI’s music band) decide to quit their plush corporate jobs and open up a gourmet salad delivery service? They so rock & roll the city :)! A friend recently raved about the service offered by Varun Madan and Kunal Gangwani with their start-up , Salad Days – Freshly Tossed Gourmet Salads and I just had to get onto their trail!

Gurgaon is a city that loves its food and there’s definitely no dearth of food delivery services in our city ( If in doubt, check the two dozen newspaper leaflets in your daily, daily!). Yet, funnily enough there was none offering the increasingly health conscious Gurgaonite a fresh, filling and nutritious option. This is where Salad Days stepped in and with a gourmet tag to boot.

It is also the highest rated healthy food restaurant in Delhi NCR on Zomato. We like.Very much.

So, I ordered me a healthy, little indulgence one fine Sunday noon and here’s the review of its service with some quick bytes from Varun Madan, on the story behind the idea and what makes Salad Days a favorite among the health conscious in the city.

Crunch it up, baby! 🙂

The idea germinated (pun intended) from the travels of the founders across the West and that salads were not being given their due place on our tables.

As Varun elaborates, “In our country, salads are not preferred as mainstream diet at large, with people not even being exposed to real salads. Our eating habits are not very healthy in general and healthy food is casually understood as non-tasty or non-filling side food. So we took this challenge and launched Salad Days to serve authentic gourmet salads, which are healthy, tasty and filling at the same time.People have clearly accepted our salads as full meal options and definitely not a side dish along with their regular lunch. This is clear from the feedback and reviews about our salads as well as most orders being placed during lunch and dinner hours.”

A delightful variety of authentic salads –  ‘a summary of signature salads from across countries and taste buds’, per their website, is on the menu. You can choose from four categories – Fruit Salads, Veggie Salads, Legume Salads, Chicken & Egg Salads, starting at Rs.170. Also available are canned beverages to go with your salad.

Choosing was a toughie , and I ordered the Greek Salad with ‘Assorted bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, black olives, parsley sprigs & onion rings topped with feta cheese & pita.Served with grilled bread and red-wine vinaigrette house dressing.’

With my Greek Salad order – Nicely packed big salad bowl, 2 slices of Bread, Dressing, a Cutlery & Condiments pack and a personalized Thank You note for choosing their service! 🙂

In a nutshell salad leaf – the fresh, crisp salad delivered on time & all nicely packed , struck a happy-crunchy note.

Their ‘No Compromise’ promise on quality & freshness is backed by a policy of sourcing their exotics from their own field and carefully chosen vendors. Also, the dressings are prepared in-house, with ingredients sourced from their valleys of origin like the protected Balsamic Vinegar (Modena), Red Wine Vinegar, Grana Padano cheese and slow dried Wheat Pasta from Italy , Edam cheese from Netherlands, Dijon mustard from France or Sweet Chilli Sauce from Thailand etc.

There are no preservatives, colors or artificial additives used.

salad cover
The salad was fresh , crunchy and I absolutely loved me the Pita bread chips!

Now, you know those salad nightmares, don’t you? Limp salad leaves and icebergs dripping with greasy dressings or hastily chopped up and mixed tasteless potpourri of raw veggies and fruits  that make you swear off that enthusiastic healthy rendezvous. Not any more! With the Salad Days order, you are served the dressing separately, neatly sealed. The website prescribes 3-5 minutes of mixing before consuming the salads so that the dressing flavor soaks into each ingredient.

Happy to say that this was a yummy, crunchy dream I chomped on enthusiastically! 🙂

Answering Naturally Lush on the health quotient of Salad Day salads, Varun elaborated that they keep their salads healthy with all salads (inclusive of dressings, ) in the range of 350-420 Kcal. Vinaigrette dressings made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegars like Balsamic, Red wine, Sherry , Apple Cider, Rice vinegar etc are the most popular . Also, they follow high global standards of sanitizing the raw produce and keep up top grade kitchen hygiene.

With 80% repeat customers and an average ordering frequency of thrice a week, the service has been highly appreciated,especially by working professionals, who now have the option of ordering in light , healthy meals at office or home!

Loved this eco-friendly thought – Cutlery made of corn starch! Claimed as 100% Bio-degradable and Compostable

Here are some heart-warming nuggets – The cutlery sent along with your order is not plastic but made of bio-degradable cornstarch. The folks at Salad Days take their eco-friendly touch a little further by chatting up with regular customers and seek permission to serve salads with less than complete packaging to be environment friendly.

We like a brand with its heart in the right place, don’t we? 🙂

Apart from Salad delivery, they offer Subscription Packages and have introduced the concept of ‘Salad Parties’-  a concept implying serving lots of healthy salads. After understanding the organizer’s needs and guest preferences, they suggest the salads, based on their experience. Special packaging is on offer for such events and the concept has got an enthusiastic response.

salad closeup

Service Review 

  • Online Ordering process was very smooth . They have a very well designed website and one can also place an order via  their FB page.
  • Delivered within 40 minutes of placing the order.
  • Packaging is a very pleasant surprise. Salad, Dressing, Cutlery, Condiments – all neatly sealed and packed as separates in a brown paper bag.No drips,leaks,spills! And a personalized thank you note for the first time customers 🙂
  • Salad delivered was fresh , crisp (including the pita bread chips,topping the salad and sealed in the salad bowl) and the portion size is just right. The dressing was fresh and light. Made for a full, delicious meal for one.
Recommended as a full meal (they receive most orders at Lunch and Dinner times) or for those in-between snack times.

Place your order  On their Website at Salad Days or on their Facebook Page  Or Call at : 9643 800 901/02/03  /  Email :

paper bag2
 Which is your favorite go-to Salad ? Drop me a message and stay healthy, happy and lush! 🙂


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