Vert’s Cane Sugar with Kokum Butter Lip Scrub

prod closeup

Ah,autumn’s not too far away.And we can hardly wait for the boots and lip gloss season!Not to mention keeping warm with working up a sweat at the nearest gym or park or yoga studio or dance class. Basically, whatever gets that inside-out , healthy glow going! 🙂

The cool season isn’t without its woes though. Dry skin topping the list. And if like me, your lips are the first to register this change in hydration- check out this lush discovery made recently. An all natural Cane Sugar & Kokum Butter Lip Scrub by Vért – 100% Natural & Vegan Cosmetics . Perfect for gentle exfoliation and deeply nourishing hydration to keep that pout soft, plumped and kissable. 🙂

You know that advise of exfoliating lips using an old Toothbrush? I am not a big fan of the technique as I find it a tad harsh on the delicate skin. Home-made lip scrubs are fabulous ( try a blend of fine sugar & coconut oil) , but sometimes convenience trumps forays into the kitchen.Plus, a little indulgence now and then keeps those happiness hormones going! 😉

Here’s a Naturally Lush review of this cute-as-a-button product.

The product (10 gms) comes in a small carry-in-your-purse sized plastic jar, which is further cocooned in a tiny paper box , with shredded paper inside for cushioning the product (makes for a nice, already packed gift for your BFF or fav sis-in law). The jar is made of good quality plastic and is convenient to use from.


Bees Wax, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Kokum Butter, White Sugar Powder,Fragrance Oil,Cocoa Powder . Almost edible, eh?


To Use

Just swab a little product with your finger and rub in gentle circular motions on your lips. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and seal in the moisture with your fav natural lip balm. product closeup

Product Experience
The scrub is mild , with a finely granulated texture – just right for the delicate skin on the lips. It’s so crucial to get that fine, yet effective texture in scrubs, more so for delicate ares. The product has a yummilicious Cocoa Butter fragrance and is mildly sweet to taste! Also, it kept the lips very moisturized with its blend of Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Kokum Butter. It’s a yes!

Rs.390 for a 10gm box.

NL Note : A little steep for the amount of product at first glance, but since I have used the product for some time, I realized a little swab with the finger gives enough product for use. The box should last a good while. And like mentioned earlier, makes for a good gift in a budget.

To Buy
Store : Vért , J-15,Qutab Plaza, DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon, Haryana
Phone : +91-8130135991 (Mon-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm)
Online :

box on top

If you have a Lip Scrub that we should hear about, do let us know and stay Naturally Lush!





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