Yogi,Mountaineer & Runner Komal Sodhi’s Power Blend


She radiates that inside-out glow which comes through following a regular fitness schedule and keeping the body nourished with a wholesome fresh diet.  Komal Sodhi – Yoga Trainer ,Mountaineer & Runner, shares the secret behind that powerful , lean frame and the gorgeous glow!

Power Booster Green Smoothie

1 Cup Fresh Wheat Grass ( Alternatively , Wheatgrass Powder / Juice , Quantity as specified on the product package)
1 Apple or Orange (depending on season)
1 Cup Organic Spinach
2 sticks Organic Celery
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed
Few Soaked Almonds
Stevia Powder, Optional

Blend all ingredients, sieve and drink fresh!

Source : Internet, Image is representative

About the impact, she elaborates , “I have had this blend for 3 years now and have experienced an increase in energy levels, better immunity, better digestion and yes, a definitely glowing skin!”. Not fond of popping health capsules /supplements, she finds this a great way of getting most health benefits through a single, natural, no-side-effects source.

Rich in Chlorophyll,Minerals,Amino Acids and Nutrients , Wheatgrass also has Anti – Ageing and Cancer fighting properties. The best way to have it in your smoothie is to go for the fresh grass leaves. Alternatively, you can use it in the easily available powder / juice form.

For fresh Wheatgrass , contact Swastik Natural at 9717274566 , 9729033918 or Live Organic at 9873937528.
To know more about Yoga classes at the ‘Komal Yoga & Fitness Studio’, 5217 DLF –IV, take a look at its website www.komalyoga.com or FaceBook Page 

Have a powerful day and stay Naturally Lush!


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