argos in Cappadocia ~ a naturally lush escape

‘A village with a reception desk’ is how this utterly luxuriously charming hotel in Cappadocia,Turkey would like to describe itself.

Translated into awards, their honour roll is impressive. And that would be an understatement. Conde’ Nast ‘Excellence in Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility’ , Fodor’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Hotels, Best Luxury Boutique Hotel (Turkey) by World Luxury Hotel Awards, Top 10 Wine Resorts of the World, Best Location Award by Voyagers et al, et al.

An hour’s flight from Istanbul,Cappadocia is a land that redefines your notions of landscapes and history. This is an other-worldly terrain with a history that dates back a few thousand years BC. Millions of years ago volcanic eruptions created this mystical land , while wind and water, over eons, shaped its soft rocks into cones and pyramids with the whimsical moniker ,‘Fairy Chimneys’.

The story behind the name is when nomads came to this land and saw thousands of lit caves high up in the rocks and mountains, with smoke from the fires wafting out, they named these fantastical rocks thus.

The soft volcanic rocks and valleys of Cappadocia hide a honeycomb network of underground cave-cities, tunnels & abodes carved into rocks and have served as homes to ancient Hittites, been a cradle of Christianity where monks withdrew into permanent solitude in the biggest monastery on earth, have graced the fabled Silk Route and are today a UNESCO Heritage site.

‘argos in Cappadocia’ , in the ancient village of Uçhisar , is in parts an archaeology site and a boutique hotel. With underground tunnels, an underground monastery chapel that now serves as a venue for concerts , a serious commitment to environment and sustainable hospitality and topped with layers of style , a stay here is a ‘ eveniftheydragmeoutkicking‘ kind of experience! :).

It is a place that whispers to your soul, engaging it in a sublime têtê-à-têtê.

Walk with me through its myriad cobbled pathways with the ancient valley and the fabled fairy chimneys in close view, the sun and the clouds casting playful shadows as a perfectly cool breeze ruffles our hair , whispering of legends and ancient times..

Offering a spellbinding mix of gorgeous cave rooms, monastic rooms and splendid suites with private cave pools ( I still have to recover from that!), you will not find typical hotel rooms and elevators but can expect to run into villagers, horse-riding tourists or Hollywood stars.

The service is super friendly and impeccable. I was astounded to discover an iPod docked and playing soulful, retro Hindi songs as I entered our beautiful room, furnished with antique kilms and knick knacks from an era bygone.Ranked amongst the Top 10 Wine Resorts in the world, its wine cellars housed in a network of cool, ancient underground caves proudly display over 70,000 bottles and offer some of the world’s most awarded wines.

You can have a soul-enriching meal made from local, seasonal,organic produce at Seki, the in-house restaurant and lounge.We savoured a delicious meal of the freshest Pastas we’ve had with perfectly Grilled Vegetables , followed by a delightful dessert of Turkish Coffee Cake & Lemon Sorbet– all accompanied by a bottle of delicious Rosé from their vineyards.

Cappadocia haunts you long after you have left the place and the argos in Cappadocia promises to touch your soul like no other.

For activities to do ( if you manage to stop exploring every gorgeous nook & corner that is!), you can cycle through the lanes of the ancient Uçhisar village of or relax on the terrace or patio for views of Mount Erciyes, undulating valley unfolding right before you, vineyards & gardens.

You can also book yourself at the in-house Hammam -Spa or on an early morning hot air balloon ride , popular with tourists from around the world, for sweeping views of the only terrain of its kind.

To reach take an hour-long flight from Istanbul and the hotel pick-up car will be there to receive you at the Kapadokya Airport. From the airport, it’s a beautiful 45 minute ride through Nevshehir.

For more details visit their website at argos in Cappadocia.

I do hope you enjoyed your journey through this wonderful place and leave me a comment if you have experienced any similar property that is working towards sustainable tourism. Would love to hear from you! Stay Naturally Lush.


  1. Felt like reading through a poem. Loved every bit of it. Beautifully written. When I was planning my trip to Turkey coincidentally this hotel was my final choice to stay but now u make me want to go there specially for this hotel.

    Thanks for the lovely write up 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful read. I loved wandering around these villages of Uchahisar and Ortohisar. Seemed like walking in a different age altogether. Seeing your photographs makes me want to go back on the next flight to Kappadokya. I’m glad you had a wonderful stay. Keep writing. You are a natural and your prose, very refreshing.


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