Zaza Box ~ Gurgaon’s uber-healthy, gourmet fix!

You are invited.

To an exotic wedding of Gourmet Fine Dining with Uber – Healthy Living. Where Organic & Seasonal ingredients , Heritage Grains like Ragi & Buckwheat, Dairy-free Cheese , Gluten-Free Desserts, Cholesterol Free & Calorie Controlled Recipes ,using Jaggery & Dates for sweetening are just some of the cornerstones on which this made-in-healthy living – heaven match rests.

The taste-test is also aced & how!

Fantastique, Zaza Box.

Finding genuinely wholesome, nutritious food to order in during working hours is a toughie, as most services offer regular fare making you want to hit the snooze button instead of re-energizing- which I believe clean, healthy food should do. So when I saw the online conversations around this latest wunderkind in town, a silent prayer of thanks was sent heavenwards.

Zaza Box is a labour of love for Avinav Nigam, an IIT Mumbai alumni and ex-corporate honcho with Sonal Chowdhary, personal trainer & yoga instructor  – who decided to quit their high pressure day jobs few years ago to embrace a holistic, natural lifestyle starting with organic , plant-based foods & mindful eating practices.

Their personal journey to healthy living took the shape of an initiative that aims to change the way people eat.

This is how it works.

With a daily changing and chef-curated menu, you choose from three meal boxes :  The Yogi Box ( infused with Indian flavours), The Traveler’s Box (continental) and The Lean Box (low-calorie).

Also on offer are Guilt -Free Desserts ( we are talking jaggery sweetened, gluten & dairy free delights!) , Wellness Drinks to go with your uber-healthy meal (Aam Panna, Shikanji, Cold pressed Juices) and Power Snack Boxes for that mid-meal time craving.

I got myself a Traveler’s Box that came with a Tropical Jackfruit Burger, Tandoori Tofu Skewers with a Mango-Mint Chutney and Sautéed Mushrooms accompanied with a decadent Mango Cheesecake. (My only grudge was that the beauty got a little smashed en-route).

What was absolutely delightful were these accompanying notes that explained the meal and the ingredients that went into prepping it! It was lovely to know that I was eating the best of the seasonal produce, made thoughtfully and delicious to boot.

The burger patty made from Jackfruit was light yet filling. As the note details, Jackfruit is 80% water, almost no fat and rich in Vitamins B5 and C. The buns prepared from organic whole wheat flour without any dough conditioners, emulsifiers or bleaching agents, were right amount of soft and fresh.

The Mango Cheesecake was prepped with a biscuit base made from scratch using buckwheat and oats. The cheese was dairy free and made in-house using cashews, tofu and coconut milk!  Brown sugar and dates sweetened the deal and the cake was topped with a layer of organic mango compote.

Talk of walking the healthy talk.

I also sampled their range of wellness drinks : Lemon Cooler (Shikanji) , Raw Mango Cooler (Aam Panna), Pink of Health (a cold pressed juice made with Beetroot,Pomegranate, Lychee,Ginger)  and Real Vitamin Water (Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Water).

The Vitamin Water and Juice was great for my post-workout hydration , with the kids loving the Shikanji and Aam Panna!

And what’s better than eating healthy? Eating healthy regularly, love. 🙂

Zaza Box also offers Subscription Plans at attractive price-offs with loyal customers getting a beautiful token of the management’s appreciation! It comes with a delicious, gluten-free Ragi-based Brownie, Organic Raw Cocoa Powder and Peanut Butter bottles (which they plan to retail soon at the weekly Gurgaon Organic Market).

The brand also has its heart in its place.

With a pro-planet policy , the meals come in fully bio-degradable packaging and cutlery (corn-starch) . Even the plastic carry bag you receive the meal in is bio-degradable. They are also starting composting their kitchen waste & encourage customers to return the glass juice bottles(through a Rs 20 refund). ♥

To know more about them or place an order , visit Zaza Box or call 9599109455 / 0124-4077700

Delivery  :  Across Gurgaon on Weekdays from 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Price Range : Meal Boxes between INR 250 and 300 , Standalone snacks, desserts and wellness drinks between INR 100- 200. ( Inclusive of Taxes & Delivery charges)

If you have tried the Zaza Box, or are tempted to, leave me a comment ! Meanwhile, also  Eat Clean and stay Naturally Lush!


  1. Yes,Zaza food is certainly worth trying and subsequently getting addicted to 🙂 ‘wanna replace all the Potato burgers in the world with jackfruit ones after having eaten Zaza’a jackfruit burger delight !!!


  2. I was not at all satisfied by the food provided by zaza. Everything was soggy and looks like yesterday’s food.


    1. Thanks for visiting , Avinash. Am sure the Zaza management will take note of your experience. Will share too. However, I had a pleasant one which I have written about. Do stop by again. 🙂


  3. Dear Avinash,

    Thank you for your comments and we take every single feedback from customers very seriously.
    I want to apologize deeply if I can better understand what went wrong.

    Unfortunately, after thoroughly checking the order history, we are unable to locate an order with your name.
    Can you kindly let me know any details of the order (location, date/time or items)?

    We want to send an apology gift box to your address. Your help will be very important for us to maintain our quality standards. Sincerely look forward to hearing back.

    Best Regards,
    Avinav Nigam

    Founder CEO
    Zaza Box
    (m) 9599109455

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my friend who ordered the food. Don’t you have shame to sell such disgusting food and send a gift box as apology?


      1. Hi Avinash,

        Yes please contact me directly at 9599109455 or

        I want to apologize for your experience. We have a daily changing menu and the food is made fresh everyday due to this. I want to understand what happened with your friend’s order.

        Do drop me a direct message with Order number (or name, or phone number) so we can take necessary steps to resolve it.

        Kindly contact me on email, whatsapp or phone.

        Best regards
        Avinav Nigam
        (m) 9599109455


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