Ayurveda for Wellness ~ 8 Simple Practices

Image Source : Internet
Image Source : Internet

India, take a bow.

Few years back, Yoga woke up the world to a system of holistic fitness that brought together mind-body-spirit like never before. Today, Ayurveda is seeing a resurgence , slow and sure, leading wellness trends globally. Like Yoga, the west is today taking notice of this Indian legacy and increasingly adopting its principles as an antidote to modern, fast paced lifestyles.

And of course, there is the latest in wellness tourism – Ayurveda Retreats, which promise a re-caliberation of your internal body systems.

Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’, is a 6000 year old Indian system of medicine which finds its roots in the Vedas. Anchored on the principles of being in balance with nature – within and outside- it focuses on bringing an inner balance in the body through identifying and balancing an individual’s constitution or ‘dosha’ through medicinal herbs,diet & yogic principles.

Most Indian households are no strangers to Ayurveda,though. We have our heritage nuskhas, home-made common ailment solutions (ginger-tulsi tea for colds, ajwain for digestion, drinking water at room temperature etc), kitchen-inspired beauty recipes and more.

Naturally Lush got talking to Ashma Khanna Sachdeva, Founder- Ayush, Gurgaon and Annammyaa Wellness, Gurgaon – Ayurveda based wellness therapy centres, for some simple guidelines to incorporate in daily life.

“In modern, urban lifestyles frequent eating out has become a way of life. Wrong eating choices burden the digestive system. Ayurveda strongly believes all diseases start from the stomach i.e. poor digestion, eating junk food while lack of exercise & sedentary occupations add fuel to fire. This creates an imbalance of Vata, Pita, Kapha – the three main constitutions of the body, leading to early wear and tear of the tissues of the body.” says Ashma

Image Source : Internet
Image Source : Internet

Here are 8 simple Ayurvedic practices for improving overall health, recommended by Ashma :

1. Start your day with Pranayam ( Breathing Exercises) , Yoga and Meditation.

2. Have a cup of boiled Cinnamon water ( altering every month with one month ajwain  ,one month jeera, one month cinnamon) to kick start your metabolic rate.

3. Breakfast is a must. Remember never have salt with milk , this comes under Virudh Ahaar in Ayurveda. Eg. Paranthas with Milk.  Another very common breakfast is Smoothies and Milkshakes. As per Ayurveda, the digestion time of fruits and milk is different, thereby fruits gets digested faster and milk takes longer and hence fruits rots in the stomach creating Ama or Toxins.

4.Many women trying to reduce weight have honey in their tea to substitute sugar. This is a mistake as honey is never to be added to any hot beverage as it becomes poisonous. It would show its effects over a longer period.

5. Consuming water after food or having cold drinks along with lunch or dinner is also not advised. When we eat our food the digestive fires ignite, drinking cold water or beverages douses the digestive fire resulting in slow digestion and hence putting on weight.

6. Consuming curd at night is strictly not advised by Ayurveda. Night is the Kapha Kaal which means the Kapha is on the rise at night & and consuming curd at night will again lead to slow digestion resulting in early morning phlegm, sluggishness, weight gain, increase in sugar level, depression etc.

7. Drink a cup of warm milk before sleep  is helpful in inducing sleep . Ayurveda also endorses the fact that drinking warm water prior to bed would release all the toxins of the body.

8. Make it a lifestyle to have one Abhayanga ( oil application massage) every week to remove the toxins, strengthen the muscles, and keeping the body in shape.

Image source : jitenyoga.com
Image source : jitenyoga.com

To know more about Ayurveda Therapies at Anammyaa Wellness, visit their Website or Facebook Page or call at +91 9560024178.

About time we brought back Ayurveda into our lives! Stay well & naturally lush.

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