Zero Guilt IceCreams from WhiteCub!

Now this one sits light – on your tummy and your soul. ❤

It’s Dairy-free.

It’s Cholesterol – free.

It’s Gluten – free.

It’s Trans Fat – free.

It’s won the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) Vegan Food Awards, 2013 & 2014.

And, what’s more – it is delicious to boot.

WhiteCub DairyFree IceCream is a brand owned by Compassionate Choices Pvt. Ltd and offers India’s first Vegan and Gluten Free range of ‘ice-creams’. An increasingly popular choice with those looking for healthier & lighter alternatives to regular brands, it scores over competition in that since the entire range is gluten-free , there is no chance of gluten cross-contamination.

Their products are tested and validated by the FICCI Research Analysis Centre.

And, like me , if you are thinking, ” What’s behind the name?”,  its inspired by the ‘coolness’ of white and the loving compassion that animal babies evoke in people. Awwhh! It is also a tribute to the efforts of Linda Tucker who works towards the eradication of canned hunting of White Lions in Africa.

So, here’s how WhiteCub roars.

I sampled three flavours – Strawberry Crush , Mango Moments and ChocoHeaven. Though Strawberry Crush ,Blueberry Nights and ChocoHeaven are their best-sellers , summer-time is Mango Moments time!

What’s an icecream taste test without kids sampling it ? Seriously!  So my two brats had a go too.

First thing you notice is the lightness. It is a light ice-cream that leaves no traces of post-indulgence fullness. That’s dairy-free at work for you.

Next, the texture is suitably creamy unlike what you may expect from a dairy-free product and voila! the creaminess is achieved with plant-based milks instead of dairy!

And of course , it tastes deliciously decadent (without the decadence). I would especially vote for the Mango Moments and the Strawberry Crush which was much like the real deal, oozing fruity-ness (if there is such a term).

ChocoHeaven is a super-healthy, sugar free flavour is Date -sweetened and free of all table sugar. So do not expect the usual, sweet chocolate-y taste.

Notching up its health-quotient is the recent removal of Liquid Glucose (L.G.) from its ingredient list , generally added by most frozen dessert / ice-cream makers for texture buildup. It is a great choice for those looking at avoiding sugar and for diabetics.

Gaining popularity with all kinds of ice-cream lovers in the city – WhiteCub products are especially sought out by consumers with Dairy/Lactose Intolerance ,the Gluten Allergic, followers of the Casein & Gluten free diet and those who prefer light,’clean’, healthy indulgences.

Here’s a quick overview.

Flavours : Vanilla Mist, Strawberry Crush, Mango Moments, Sinful Chocolate, Butterscotch, Blueberry Nights and Choco Heaven All flavours are available in 500ml tubs and the price ranges from Rs.310- Rs.450.

Find them at :  Godrej’s Nature’s Basket Stores, Foodhall stores (Delhi NCR),  Le Marche (South Point Mall & Galleria Market), The Exchange Store (near Civil Lines Metro Station), The Taste (Defence Colony), Gourmet Store (Hauz Khas Market), Bombay Fruit Mart (Khan Market)

To know more about WhiteCub DairyFree IceCreams, visit their Website Facebook Page or call 9810349795, 9818699795

Soul Fe(a)st, anyone? 🙂

An additional nugget – In case anybody has been diagnosed as allergic to dairy or is lactose intolerant and is fretting over dietary choices, don’t. Just give a call to Sonal, the lady behind the brand and she will be happy to offer a complimentary diet-guidance /counselling over phone!

Bon Appetit and stay lush !


  1. I’ve been a fan of WhiteCub for a while. My son had all kinds of Gelato this summer in Italy and then told me he still likes WhiteCub the best.
    i think I must have had all the flavours offered. My favourite is Sinful chocolate. Good writeup Van.


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