Om Sweet Om ~ Bringing some zen into my home

Days creaking under a million To-Do’s.

Restless nights worrying about another million consequential-inconsequential things.

Acronym-ed New-age maladies- FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and YOLO (You Only Live Once. Yes, you do but quantity does not necessarily translate into quality, does it?).

Couples seduced by overbearing, ubiquitous house-guests – the mobile phone/tablet/laptop.

Children in constant need of engagement , because they cannot relate to ‘just being’.

Instagramme’d, Facebooke’d, Tweeted, G+’d to exhaustion.

Hi-speed connectivity with the world . 24×7.

Disconnected. With self.

Yes, we live in the fast lane. By choice. And I doubt, we are truly any happier.

I recently read a gorgeous piece. Here’s a small excerpt : ‘As it is we are merely bolting our lives-gulping down undigested experiences as fast as we can stuff them in – because awareness of our own existence is so superficial and so narrow that nothing seems to us more boring than simple being..’. Powerful stuff this. You can read the complete post here.

Being a mindful-living convert for a while now and an enthusiastic learner of this true way of living, the post above gave me a new goal.

A mindful home.

A sanctuary. Of slow, curated living. Of day-dreams and ‘just being’. For self, family, guests.

Here is a gentle sketch of my plans. Maybe it will strike a chord with you.

1. Wake up with the Sun & Set an Intent

As an early riser, the waking up is taken care of. What is now added is an ‘intention’, a simple powerful visualisation of a beautiful day, embraced with all its ups and downs. It can also get specific, like setting an intent for a ‘successful’ day or a ‘day filled with complete attention to every act undertaken’.

Don’t wake to news-feeds, updates and emails. They can wait. The sunrise will not.

Waking up early also allows me precious me-time and I am ready to wake the kids up to an organised morning , with energy and a smile.

2. Slow Down

Breathe. Savour the day.  Stretch time. Curate the daily experiences you go for. Pick and choose. Write a Thank You Note. On good ‘ol paper.

Living on auto-pilot sucks the ‘life’ out of living.

It happens when we become victims to the fear of missing out.

Deliberate living allows us to give our best and live more ful-filled.

When we slow down, our kids pick up the cues. They slow down sub-consciously. We start really paying attention to their conversations, their experiences. There is a beautiful spill-over effect on the family, the home. There is more quality, not as much quantity.

3. Unplug

Practise extreme mindfulness when it comes to gadgets. Set a timer. Small blocks of time. When with friends & family, be there.

Do not go into a mobile induced coma. Don’t let the digital monster eat into precious family or me-time.

Ban screen-time at home at least an hour before sleeping. Substitute with reading a book or writing a journal.

Unplugging from virtual experiences during family moments, plugs you back into real moments that need your complete, conscious attention.

4. Partake mindful, family meals

Meals taken consciously and thankfully open up a new paths to good health.

When mindful, one is conscious about eating ‘clean’ and right. I notice that whenever I am rushed or stressed, I tend to reach for the easiest available bite which might not be the healthiest.

When I slow down and plan my meals, am mindful – I eat healthy, with gratitude.

Lead by example for the kids to follow. No meals in front of TV or on the bed. We try and keep dinner time conversations meaningful and pleasant . Lately I have introduced my kids to really feeling what they are eating, being thankful for the meal and the ones who grew it, prepared it. They are now more aware of healthy food choices, not wasting and a sense of wonder at how a meal makes way to their plates.

5. Less is More

Conscious consumption is not just about money or the impact on the planet. It has a mind-body-spirit connect.

When you free yourself form the need to consume, you open up spaces in your mind and soul for deeper, more meaningful experiences. And of course, save on time and energy sorting out over stuffed wardrobes and shoe drawers.

I am working towards a minimal, quality wardrobe. So that I spend my time on more soul-enriching moments than deciding what goes with what or how that selfie will turn out.

6. Rituals

I follow a morning and a bed-time ritual that helps me embrace the day with enthusiasm and close it with gratitude.

On waking, I do a full body stretch in bed and remind myself not to launch into the To Do list in my mind. I appreciate the silence around, make myself a cup of spice tea ,spend some time admiring the garden and listening to soulful morning mantras. After which I dress for my workout, wake up the kids and begin my day.

Lately, I have started winding down the day with an evening Yoga practice – easy, relaxing Asanas followed by a brief meditation. It helps put the day in perspective, calms me and helps me sleep better.

At bed-time, after the cleansing routines I slowly, deliberately and mindfully moisturise my hands and feet, letting myself luxuriate in the feeling. No slapping and slathering on and off to bed! For years, the last thing I do before sleeping is send out a prayer of Gratitude to the almighty and a wish for everybody’s day to go well tomorrow.

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What is your favourite mindful practice ? Leave me a comment, be present and stay naturally lush. 


  1. Thank you Vandana for reminding me what iIremind others all the time….”what is this world so full of care; if we don’t have time to stop and stare”. I like the winding down idea. My favorite mindful practice is waking up with the sun, a gentle stretch and then hugging myself and patting each pore of my being to waken it up as it were. 🙂 God bless you.


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