Moroccan Beldi Cleanser, Strawberry~Sugar Scrub & Rose Masque by Yoshara Naturals

It’s a gorgeously skin-lovin’ threesome.

All Natural, Handcrafted and with the purest ingredients out there.

When Nandini Kumar of Yoshara Naturals spoke about the exotic Moroccan ‘Beldi’ facial wash she had recently hand-prepared, I was curious. The word had that ring of mysticism and ancient , natural beauty! Basically, ‘Beldi’ is a Moroccan word that means traditional,rural, natural and conveying a sense of purity & authenticity. Let’s all go “Sighhhhh… “:)

This Moroccan Beldi Facial Cleanser promises just that. Team it up with the deliciously pink Strawberry Sugar Scrub and the pure Rose Oil based Rose Masque and you have a beauty ritual so decadent and wonderfully fragrant , you want to follow it up with a date night! Ahaan. 😉

Here’s the 1-2-3.

Moroccan Beldi Facial Cleanser ~

This is a luxurious 100% Olive Oil , Castile Facial Cleanser. And if you are wondering, that color comes from Black Olives, Vit E & Shea Butter – the star ingredients that make this cleanser totally natural, moisturising & hydrating.Most creamy cleansers use Stearic Acid but not this one. Nice to know.

The cleanser is also handmade,the traditional and primitive way. It is very mild and frequent washes do not dry the facial skin. I can vouch for that. It left my skin plumped and hydrated , with a naturally clean feeling. (Clean should never mean stripping the skin of all its healthy oils, which most mass produced, commercial products do. They leave the skin dry , causing over production of sebum further leading to skin break-outs etc. It is a vicious cycle!)

Price ~ Rs.500 for 50 gms

Strawberry~Sugar Facial Scrub

A finely granulated scrub, the ingredients include granulated Sugar, Strawberry Flavour Oil , Vitamin E Oil, Cold Processed Coconut Oil base. The scrub was mild, hydrating and gentle on my sensitive skin. Plush!

Price ~ Rs.500 for 50 gms

Rose Masque ~

Rose Petals, Himalayan Clay, Rose Hydrosol and Rose Essential Oil make up this decadent facial mask. This is a hydrating masque that doesn’t pull at the skin and its beautiful color is derived from rose petals.

The product needs to be refrigerated, so I suggest taking it out 15-20 minutes before application, so that the ingredients soften up a bit. Also, it will not spread like a creamy mask because of its slightly grainy texture due the Clay. The essential oil leaves a beautiful, lingering rose fragrance on your skin.♥

Price ~ Rs.500 for 50 gm

Tempted to sin?

Reach out for more details and get customised products created personally by Nandini at 9891109013. 

Stay deliciously Naturally Lush, lovelies! 🙂


    1. Hey Anusha, the cleanser should be fine. Scrubs are best avoided on acne-prone skin and the rose masque has rose oil, which again will need to be tested on the skin. Best to connect with Nandini Kumar of Yoshara Naturals directly ( have mentioned her contact details towards end of post) , who can customise products for your skin type. Hope this helps 🙂

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