All Nut. All Milk. All Love

There are two ways cupid strikes.

The grow-slowly-onto-you kinda way and the knocked-my-socks-off route.This happens a lot in the wellness world when you are speed-dating newer, unconventional, healthier stuff while breaking off from older, not-so-healthy food relationships. 🙂

I have rejected, given the come-hither, slowly grown into and at times dived headlong into lurve with dozens of wellness products. With AllNut Cold Pressed Almond Milk, it was crush at first sight on the cutest glass bottles with zenned-out minimalist labels and a tiny red heart perched right atop. Smooch.

Then came the rush of unadulterated love at first taste.

AllNut, I give you my ♥ too, babyhhh.

Launched by ad-pro & healthy-stuff buff, Sakshi Khanna Hari – AllNut –  an artisan, home-grown, cold-pressed nut milk brand is a near-pioneer in the dairy-alternative market in Delhi & NCR. The journey began with Sakshi cold-pressing almond milk at home for family and friends.

Soon enough, the increasing demand for this dairy-free option – especially by vegans , lactose intolerant, raw food enthusiasts, health nuts & experimenters  nudged the brand into its next orbit. Still home-made,freshly pressed & personally supervised by Sakshi, the team offers a 4-hour timeline from milking to delivery , delivering twice a week.

Almond Milk? No comprehendo? No problemo. 

It is the milk of whole, natural, raw Almonds made from slow blending activated almonds and filtered water. It is also cold-pressed to keep the nutrients intact.

So, what makes it so sexy?

For starters,I used to make my own Almond Milk a few years back and realised that unlike dairy milk which left me feeling uncomfortably full and a tad bloated, this alternative felt super-light in the tum. And, it was delish to boot. It is the rockstar of dairy milk subs. You heard it here first. 😉

It is also a rich source of Calcium, Potassium, Omega-3, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese and Vitamin E. The Omega 3 in Almond milk makes it digestion – friendly and thus, bloat free. It also fills you up and it excellent when on a diet. With zero Cholesterol, Saturated fats & very little calories (even the naturally sweetened ones) , make it a delightfully healthy option!

I sampled 5 AllNut flavours – Unsweetened, Cacao, Vanilla, Cinnamon and with Chia seeds (added on request).

The common ingredients are Activated Almonds, Filtered Water, Raw Honey (for the sweetened flavours) and Sea Salt ( the type was decided by Sakshi after much experimenting). For the curious like me – salt facilitates the activating of the almonds while cutting through over-nuttiness in the taste.

With 30-40% Activated Almonds ( as against around 7-8% found in regular processed and packaged almond milk) and organic vanilla, cinnamon,cacao, salt and honey sourced from local farms and communities, the milk is crafted in small batches without any preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners.

Love ya back, hon!

AllNut Cacao was heavenly with a yummy chocolate-y taste and mildly sweetened with honey, while the Vanilla turned out to be a hit with kids.The Unsweetened Milk made for a great dairy substitute for my milk tea. The added Chia gives an extra superfood nutrition boost.

Their hottest selling flavahs? Vanilla and Cinnamon.

Note : The milk stays good for about 4 days in the refrigerator (preferably chill tray). Also, shake up the bottle before use as almond milk separates naturally.

Top 5 take-aways 

♥ No feeling of discomfort or fullness, light yet satiating

♥ No milk-y aftertaste / milk – breath

♥ Delicious with just the right amount of nuttiness and flavour accents. Kids loved it too.

♥ At 300 ml, the serving size is a thumbs up!

♥ I can use the Unsweetened Almond Milk for my tea ( added separately,not boiled). Heavens be praised. With mild lactose intolerance and a near addiction to 2 cups of milk-tea per day, I finally have an easy option to the dairy!

One night stand or Happily ever-after? They got a package for you. Choose from ~

Almond starter One time – 4 bottles delivery where you may choose to try the 4 natural flavors or choose one. Price : Rs. 720 + delivery (Size 300 ml, 4 bottles)  /  Week long goodness Two times – 7 bottles delivery.You may choose any two flavours. Price : Rs.1225 + delivery (Size 300 ml, 7 bottles)  / Into the good Four times (over 2 weeks) – 15 bottles delivery , this package is excellent for the dieters, health conscious, lactose intolerant. You may choose any three flavours. Price : Rs. 2550 + delivery (Size 300 ml, 15 bottles) / Assorted flavour pack for Rs. 2700 + delivery / Individual bottles available ( minimum 3 bottles, to be picked up).

To know more visit their website and Facebook Page

To place an order click here or call at +919910994234. They deliver in Delhi & NCR currently. Also available at Earth Organic (GK,Delhi) and Goodstuff

Have you tried Almond Milk sometime? Drop me a line about your experience & stay well, luscious readers!

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