8 Wellness Resolutions in 2016

The annual ritual of inner cleansing and setting new intents has begun for many. Of re-energizing, refreshing and re-booting. Of personal make-overs and breakthroughs.

The year-end offers a wonderful opportunity to relook at where we are and where we would like to go next.Be it dropping those kilos or traveling solo or finally paying heed to the inner calling.

Resolutions 2016. Hope is in the air. 🙂

Here’s a select list of some wellness intents Naturally Lush is looking at in the spanking New Year. Join in!

1. Curated Daily Living 

Deliberately and carefully selected experiences, complete presence and full intent. With overflowing news-feeds, a parallel social life, endless offline groups and invites –  think before saying ‘yes’.

Go selective.Consume consciously – goods, relationships or experiences. Keep that mind-space clear & choose experiences that add value and do not drain and strain.

Probably give endless Facebook browsing a break and visit the museum near-by? Or skip that 10th get-together of the month and read up about the Silk Route? Volunteer at the local charity? Call up family ? Anything that rocks your boat.

Wellness Intent : Quality over quantity, shall we?

2. Go beyond physical fitness

Fitness is no longer just about being a Size X. Are you mentally and spiritually fit too? True fitness is a body-mind-soul game.

So, do move. Apps like FitPass give you access to a variety of classes and gyms around your area. Commit to that exercise routine you REALLY like (gym, zumba,yoga, pilates, belly-dancing, running, cycling – whatever gets you excited) or mix and match.

Also Breathe.Meditate.Digitally detox. Just be. Take guidance from breath guidance experts like Apoorva Gupta Jalan of In.BreathCreate a personal altar at home, a little oasis of calm. Mine has a tiny Buddhist prayer wheel and a little lamp that I light , when I need some zen.

Clock those Zzzzz’s. Clear that brain fog, the dark circles, the tired skin, the depressed sentiments by following what someone very very wise said- Early to bed, you know the rest.

Wellness Intent : Mind-Body-Spirit Health

3. Be a Green Beauty

Our skin absorbs upto 60% of what we put on it.Reason enough to skip the  cocktail of chemicals and preservatives in most commercial body care brands. Ugh, much.

Try out artisan, all-natural shampoo bars or skin creams or soaps by these boutique, indie-brands. Or just walk into your kitchen and concoct a nourishing face mask. Sans chemicals and preservatives.

Natural is sexy. Damn, very sexy.

Wellness Intent : Say Hello to pure, wild, nature kissed beauty – inside out

4. Cut the Sugar

If there’s ONE eat clean resolution you should make, it should be to minimise the sugar in your diet. Sugar is evil,period.And linked to nearly every lifestyle disease out there. So, really. Clamp down on the sweet stuff.

Natural table-sugar substitutes include coconut sugar, palm sugar, jaggery, dates – but the jury is still not out on exactly how much of a difference they make though logic dictates that natural trumps processed ,anyway.

Meanwhile, do visit I Quit Sugar, website of Sarah Wilson , author of the best-seller by the same name.

Wellness Intent : You my Suga’ ? No.

5. Grow your Greens

Give some lovin’ to your balcony, window sill or terrace and grow your own tiny oasis of calm & soul nourishment.

A salad leaf patch, a herb sill , a moroccan themed green sit-out, a luscious balcony over-run with pretty planters – the options are endless. Take the help of experts like Meeta Sarin of GrassRoots or Ritu Mathur of Upavan.

Wellness Intent : Pretty it up. Do more outdoors.

6. Zen your space

I read somewhere about clutter being the junk food of  space. Let go & keep stuff that gives you joy, everything else is disposable. Clear the clutter , your thoughts and allow positive energies to freely flow in the space.

Simpler – Buy less. Give more.

You may want to take a look at Japanese tidying up guru Marie Kondo’s tips here and her book . Closer home, connect with Dejunk Your Space.

Wellness Intent : Be a Minimlst baby.

7. Join the Vegan Movement

Or try to minimise dairy consumption. Sub with healthier, lighter Nut milks, Soy Milk and other beverages. Personal experience has convinced me that reduction in consumption of milk products does lead to less bloating, easier digestion, higher energies, quicker weight loss and more.

Learn about the basics in this informative post.

Wellness Intent : Mylk , not milk. There’s more than a ‘y’ of difference.

8. Eco Travel

Support local communities and leave minimal ecological footprint during travels. Volunteer with the locals, focus on local cultures & the experiences they offer, choose properties and destinations that practise sustainable / eco-friendly policies.

One such experience was at Argos in Cappadocia, Turkey – a boutique resort that has taken up the responsibility of preserving the ancient heritage and architecture of the land it is built upon.

Learn more about sustainable travel options in India at TravelToCare , GrassRoots, EcoTourism Society of India, EcoIndia, EcoHotels of the World.

Wellness Intent : Be a responsible traveler.

So, what are your wellness resolutions for 2016? I would love to hear from you, so do mention your resolution in the comments section below.

And here’s to a lusciously well , fit and naturally gorgeous 2016!






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