Handcrafted Baby Body Butter & Baby Soap by Yoshara Naturals


Those mini-humans that make the heart go boppity-bop. And then there are corporate giants who would not think twice before making baby care products soaked with chemicals and marketing them with big-budget, over lathered ,cute baby-bottom adverts.

While we enthusiastically await more stringent government monitoring of baby care products in the aisles and the easy availability of cleaner product options, there are a few clean-beauty warrior entrepreneurs catering to the baby care segment as well.

Here are two super-luscious products that caught our attention.

Pure with locally sourced clean ingredients, these all-natural products are unscented, made by hand & in small batches (since they are preservative free / paraben-free / chemical free and thus have a shorter shelf life).

Ghee, Seed Oils, Turmeric and more – yes, we are talking the works.


Makes me wanna have a baby.

On second thoughts, I would actually love to use these products on myself and my grown up kids as well! 🙂

Nandini Kumar, Founder-Yoshara Naturals, sources ingredients personally – many of them from her own herb-garden. Her passion for delivering the purest products possible is evident in conversations with her and the fact that she prefers clients discuss their requirements and any specific skin concerns they need addressing , thus allowing her to customise the products.

About the baby products , she says, “These products do not have any added fragrances, surfactants or detergents – mostly found in commonly available commercial brands. Completely natural and personally made by me, they include kitchen ingredients that have known healing & moisturising properties.”

100% Coconut Oil Cold Pressed Baby Soap

Using the cold-press soap making technique (which means no heating / boiling of ingredients, thus retaining natural benefits) this baby soap is unscented and as natural as it gets. After making the soap, it takes about 3-4 weeks to cure.

The goodness of slow living, all in there.


It is also super-fatted with Ghee (the uber – hydration tip from gran’ma , remember?), naturally coloured with TurmericCoconut Milk and is fortified with  Coconut Flakes for added nourishment.

Sobbing with joy, here. 🙂

Baby Body Butter with Coconut & Sesame Oil

This rich, moisturising, unscented Baby Butter combines Sesame and Coconut Oil to protect the baby’s dry spots and wind chapped cheeks. Ghee & Cocoa Butter adds to the super-hydration. And yeah,a little goes a long way!


Are these just for babies? Nooooh! I got me paws in them. They belong to the Cleopatra in you too!

What’s good for baby is great for mommy. Yes.

Here’s the numbers.

Price   Baby Soap : Rs. 250 for 80 gms  /  Baby Butter : Rs.500 for 70 gms

To Order   Call 9891109013 (Nandini Kumar) / 011-40537960

To know more  Connect over Facebook , Instagram (@yoshara_naturals)

Psst!  Yoshara Naturals is exhibiting and selling at Handpicked by Select City Walk every Sunday in January 2016. Visit the market for their entire range and some soul pleasing stuff.

Stay Luscious, babies!





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