Grassroots ~Designing Lush Spaces

“Sometimes, when we are far from clocks and schedules, we can still recapture a lost sense of place-based time. On a relaxing camping trip or a long day outdoors, perhaps, we can slip back into the rhythm of the sun.” ~ Richard J.Borden, Ecology & Experience

And thankfully , you do not always need to pack your bags and head for the hills to re-discover your natural rhythm. For there are helping hands that create your personal oasis of calm and retreats to escape to from the mad rush of city living.

Hello, Grassroots.


Founded by Meeta Sarin, a designer by passion and an outdoor living space specialist , Grassroots brings alive outdoor residential spaces – balconies, patios, backyards , corners or family gardens.


With splashes of vibrant hues amidst verdant greens, every space is mindfully designed driven by Meeta’s love for all things natural!

Look out for easy-going country style outdoor furniture, nature inspired wall accents, bright furnishings, eclectic knick-knacks – all working towards creating unique spaces, that reflect the owner’s tastes and personality.


Lounges, sit-outs, outdoor bars, cosy corners – Grassroots forte’ lies in designing spaces with a welcoming vibe.


No space is too small to green up or brighten and infuse life into. 

blue yellow

With a keen sense of nature-led aesthetic and rustic outdoorsy accents, Grassroots spaces  beg you to slow down, put your legs up , read a book, sip a hot cuppa or a glass of vino and reconnect with yourself , nature and those with you.

This one below is my little garden sit-out !


Moroccan , Italian countryside, Mediterranean – let the world into your outdoor residential space with multiple design stories to choose from.


So, if you have a little or a large corner that could do with some TLC, you know what to do! To know more about Grassroots, visit their Facebook page here or call Meeta Sarin at 9810987350.

Here’s to happy, mindful and naturally lush spaces.

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