Fabbox ~ Boxful of health, delivered.

Still depending on ‘diet’ snacks to see you through the healthy snacking dilemmas? Or working yourself up in knots over mid-meal hunger pangs? Maybe kids driving you nuts (no pun intended) with odd-time , on-road, post-school , play-time grub demands?

Rest easy. Fabbox is in the house.IMG_0235

An online, healthy snack box delivery service , Fabbox was launched in September 2015  by Mr. Devang Shah (Ex- TripAdvisor, Boston). As a foodie dealing with some weight issues, he was impressed with the easy availability of healthy, delicious mid-meal snacks in the west but found a gap in the Indian market. This was the fuel needed to kick-start a healthy snack movement across the country.

30 options and more!

Today, Fabbox has over 12 kitchens run by 18 Chefs across India and all snacks go through 5 quality checkpoints.What sets it apart from competition is the variety of snack options and the chef curated service offered.

Also, with a customise-your-box feature , it scores on taste, health and convenience of ordering. The real trippy part ? Over 30 types of ‘no-fried, no-artificial colours, no-artificial sweeteners, no-chemicals’ all healthy artisan bites to choose from!

So you can make your own happy-snack combo with a variety of Nuts, Health-Bars, Roasted Nutri-Mix, Real Fruit Chews and Nature Baked Cookies.

My Fabbox came with Cranberry Bars, Honey Roasted Almonds, Soya Delight, Dried Blueberries and Roasted Masala Foxnuts. All packed in independent , resealable brown bags with clear nutrition and ingredient labels, delivered in a recyclable fab- box. 🙂

A peek into my Fabbox 🙂
IMG_0204 (1)
Re-sealable packs

This  is how it works :

Step 1 : Choose your Box ( Surprise, Mini,Classic, Regular) of 5 Snacks

Step 2 : Choose your Plan ( Single Order , 3 Months Subscription, 6 Months Subscription)

Step 3 : Get it delivered at your home /office! ( All India delivery , Average 2-3 days)

Cranberry Bar

After my order went through, I received a call from their Chef who familiarised himself with my taste preferences (sweet, tarty etc) and validated the order. In case what you have ordered is not really going to match your taste buds,the chef offers his suggestions.

Fancy-schmancy, eh? And yes, they source the nuts from California & fruits from Hong Kong & Latin America. What’s not to love! 🙂

Honey Roasted Almonds

A special mention of the Honey-Roasted Almonds which make for a very presentable snack to offer house-guests. The Soya and Fox-nuts had a nice crunch , while the chewy-crunchy texture of the Cranberry Bars was very delightful. Would have preferred the Blueberries with less added sugar though.

Overall a great option for a regular supply of handy healthy bites, at home or office. Here’s the numbers :

Price :  Rs.699 – Rs.999 per Fabbox

( 3 Months Subscription : Rs.2,849 / 6 Months Subscription : Rs.5,399)

To Order : Visit Fabbox.in

To Know More : Go to their Facebook page here

Have you tried Fabbox yet? Drop in a line about your experience and hey, stay fabulously, naturally lush!IMG_0197






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