Fit & Fabulous with Reeti Sahai

Mile Guzzler. Track Burner.Mountain Lover. Fitness Inspiration. Style Icon. Puma Ambassador 2016.

Say hello to Reeti Sahai, a live-wire and fitness inspiration making waves in Delhi-NCR whose list of personal achievements runs the entire action gamut of podium finishes at marathons, summiting peaks, cycling, acing fitness bootcamps, winning obstacle races and more.Her latest is an entry into the running history books with a second place in the women’s category at the maiden New Delhi Half Marathon 2016.

Today on International Women’s Day 2016 , here’s to celebrating women who inspire with their unflinching commitment to pushing boundaries and being their best selves.

The glamorous running diva shares her love for fitness, running and all things adrenaline. Read about what keeps her going and other pro tips.


NL : So, what is your inspiration behind staying so fit?

RS : Fitness is more about ‘good health’ , just looking and feeling good. A healthy body has a healthy mind. I really got into keeping fit since my school days and the ‘fauji‘ background really helped. I’ve been an avid sports enthusiast since and enjoy running, gymming and trekking. I recently summited the highest trekking peak in India in the Ladakh region – Stok Kangri ( 6153 meters above sea level).

reeti stok kangri

NL : How about a peek into your fitness regime?

RS :  A combination of yoga, running, weight training  and HIIT works brilliantly for me. I love running, which is a lifestyle for me and not just a workout. Running keeps me happy. I run thrice a week – between 20-30kms every week.

I weight train at least twice a week for an hour each – this makes me stronger and helps in toning the body. I also practice Yoga twice a week for an hour each for a complete mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxing.

Lastly, I try and get an hour or two of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals. HIIT improves both energy systems i.e anaerobic and aerobic energy system for endurance.



Exercise even when you don’t feel like it. There’s an old adage that ‘No one ever regretted a workout’.This is so true! No matter how much I haven’t wanted to workout or hit the gym or run etc. once I have pushed myself and done it , I’m always on a huge high. I feel like a million dollars.

A regular training and fitness regime also helped me bring down my Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon timings from 2.42 hours to 1.54 . Remember – No pain, No gain.

NL :  And this fantastic journey to being a Puma Ambassador 2016 in the fitness community, how did this happen?

RS : I ran my first Half Marathon at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon(ADHM) in 2010. Looking back , it’s tough to believe how clueless I was about running and how it’s changed my life today. I’ve discovered a new ‘self’.


Running keeps me happy and everyone around me knows that. If I’m not in the best of moods, having a bad day, am crabby etc – friends come to me and say, “Reeti,go and run some !”

I’ve been running regularly since 2010 and have also been participated in dozens of various running events across the NCR and have won many awards. My most recent half marathon was the ADHM 2015 with my personal best of 1.54 hours . I also just scored second place in the women’s category at the First New Delhi Marathon 2016 and will also be running the Amsterdam Half Marathon soon.

Am honoured to be a Puma Ambassador for the year 2016. I hope my example inspires other women.



When people ask me for advice on running I always suggest setting realistic goals. Start with a local 5k, sign up and slowly increase your miles. Go easy at first. One step at a time. Very important to stay positive and realistic. There’s always someone faster or someone who can run farther. The key is to challenge yourself. Set personal goals and keep moving.

NL : And secret to motivating yourself to keep going, whether in  a marathon or a gym practice session- when the mind is begging one to skip or stop? 

RS : Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going – Jim Ryan

I give myself a workout goal and I’ll work hard to meet it.  I also visualise success – the feeling of crossing the finish line of a Half Marathon I’ve signed up for. I also sign up with friends for a lot of runs. It’s fun and harder to drop out.I imagine myself ‘amazing’ – it may be cold rainy and dark outside and I just don’t feel like stepping out to work out but just imagining how much worse I would feel on that beach in May – makes me push myself and workout! 🙂



NL : Its the International Women’s Day. What would your top advise to women be?

RS : Love yourself ! Invest in your health just like you invest in property, your career, relationships etc or else these other investments won’t matter.

Discipline your mind and your body will follow. Unless your mind is disciplined, your body will resist every attempt to get fit. ‘Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’– Napoleon Hill.

Dearest Reader : If you haven’t made a health / fitness commitment to and for yourself as yet , today is a great place to start. Happy International Women’s Day and Stay Fit, Inspired and Naturally Lush! 


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