Ancient Ayurveda’s Tailapatra Soap

Sometimes a product comes along that makes me go ‘wow’! And wonder why on earth are we not taking advantage of our own glorious traditions and beauty heritage?

Why are people still slathering on chemical cocktails when cleaner options are available? Why are supermarket aisles flooded with these cocktails? Why are natural / chemical free products still seen covered in dust on the lower shelves of these aisles , while the hugely advertised – celebrity endorsed, yet full of dangerous chemicals products occupy prime space?

I really hope we wake up to mindful, clean choices sooner than later.

Ancient Ayurveda is one such enterprise that offers a clean choice. It strictly adheres to formulations derived from authentic , traditional South Indian Ayurvedic principles in manufacturing a range of hand-crafted all natural, zero-synthetic pure soaps.


Exporting to the EU, US, Russian and Brazilian Markets, their range caters to general as well as specific skin needs.

I recently used their ‘ Tailapatra Soap’ made with wood-ash and essential oils –  a luxuriously decadent one-bar show. Shampoo, Moisturiser, Face Wash all rolled in one! The créme soap is a blend of tailams, carrier-oils, undiluted essential oils, original Ayurvedic extracts and resinoids bonded together with the alkali of wood-ash.


Ingredients Homogenous Coconut Shell Charcoal, Flax Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Ashwagandha Oil Ark Tailam, Black Cummin Oil, Gunjadi Tailam, Jatyadi Tailam,, Virgin Coconut Oils, Kasisadi Tailam, Kumkumadi Tailam, Rice Bran Oil and more


Being ultra-emollient, you can not only wet-use the bar, but also dry-use it over chapped skin!


And the best part isTP3

Also actively campaigning against Human Sex Trafficking, despite fear of backlash from certain mafia.


I loved the all-naturally plumped up skin feel with all those oils getting soaked in. The soap was divine in its smoothness and left a richly moisturised feel.

Their range includes delicious ingredients like Kashmir Saffron, Goats Milk, Ashwagandha, Shea Butter, Gotukola et al. and addresses various skin requirements.

Price : Rs.299 for a pack pf 2 ( Tailapatra Soap)

To buy : Available on Amazon

To know more : Visit their Facebook Page or Website


Drop in a line if  handcrafted, all-natural soaps rock your beauty world and spell out your favorites! Stay naturally gorgeously lush!





  1. That’s an amazing write-up. I have used this soap and can assert that it is clearly in a league of its own. On a different note, which camera have you used? The precision is remarkable.


  2. WOW’ i like this soap the most its 100% natural some products come in market and when we see the product we call its WOW this product is also like this this soap also use on skin type thanks for sharing this great soap and different look soap with us


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