Raw,Unprocessed Rose Hip Seed Oil by Nature’s Tattva

Note : Featured image on top is sourced from the internet.

Facial beauty oils are hot right now and I have always been a strong advocate of all natural nut and fruit oils for skin care over commercial chemical infused moisturisers, oils and lotions.

Check out an older post on the blog : Nutty-Luscious Skin Cleanse + Nourish.

Cleansing, Make-Up removal (remove makeup and nourish together, wha’ more does a woman need?), Moisturising – oils pack in a whopper when it comes to clean beauty and skin benefits.wm3

Now,roll out the red carpet for the latest superstar in the miracle oil series and my skin’s newest BFF – Rose Hip Seed Oil.

77% fatty acids, high in Linoleic and Linolenic acids, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A (retinol) – this is nature’s all good skin serum.  A Chilean secret for centuries and primarily growing wild in the Andes, the oil of Rose Hip is a superstar in its own right.

It’s the works, love.  wm6

Rose Hip Seed Oil is known for its Anti-ageing  and Skin repairing super powers – Regenerates tissue , eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, age-spots , heals sun damage , scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation and yes, incredibly moisturising!

‘The essential fatty acids it contains when absorbed through the skin, convert to prostaglandins which assist in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.’http://www.sustaincreateandflow.comwm2

And when celebrities like  Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr , Kate Middleton , Rosie Huntigton-Whitley namedrop RoseHip Seed Oil as their skin care secret, you know you are onto something lusciously fabulous! Apparently, also helps your makeup look a-glow.wm1

To use :

Gently massage in 4-5 drops over face and neck (straight out of bottle is great) / Can also be mixed in with other home remedy face packs, moisturisers etc. Preferably, keep refrigerated.

I found the oil light and incredibly plumping. Its like your skin just glugged down a gallon of H2O and got a super moisture boost. Its got a neutral fragrance and pure oil will be amber in colour. Spreads easily, absorbs well and doesn’t make the skin feel oily. Safe to use even on super sensitive skin (like mine).

However, not advised for acne prone skin due to high fatty content.

But super for maturing skin and as part of the anti-ageing arsenal. This winter I know what I am looking at!

There are many brands available online , and I picked up the Raw, Unprocessed Rose Hip Seed Oil by Nature’s Tattva, which is doing a great job for me, though I would have preferred a handy dropper / dispenser attached.

Have you tried facial oils as yet? Drop me a line on your favorite and stay gorgeously, naturally lush!




One comment

  1. Can you please confirm about the colour of this rosehip oil?

    Ive been looking for good quality rosehip in india and researching on this.

    Pure cold pressed rosehip oil should always be red in color and never yellow. I have doubts about the yellow colour in the photo. Is that right?


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