Kiva Aloe Vera Daily Health Shots

Welllll…What do we have here?

Cute li’l test-tubes that traveled from Chemistry labs to trendy bars and now carrying health fixes. Other day strolling down the grocery store aisle, this cool looking package caught the eye. And the promise of healthy skin.img_2443The concept is pretty interesting – Ancient Ayurvedic recipes designed to fit urban lifestyles in pre-measured, ready to drink shots.img_2447I picked up the Aloe Vera shots that promised ‘ Skin Vitality, Tissue Repair and Detox’. The package had 5 shots – one shot per day. img_2446That Aloe Vera has some amazing skin benefits is a well known fact. I personally swear by this little self-discovered trick to keep my sensitive skin cool and its reddishness at bay – a thin film of the Aloe Vera gel applied topically on face before bed-time at night. Soothes, repairs and cleanses.Works for me big time!img_2576Consumed as a juice , the Kiva website lists the benefits as –  Its unique combination of enzymes (particularly bradykinase) and amino acids heals ulcers, cooling inflammations, improving metabolism and detoxifying the healthy way. Aloe vera’s powerful healing properties were well known in the ancient world – the Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality” and the Native Americans said it was the “wand of heaven”.img_2575

They also have variants you can choose from depending on the health fix you need! Around 14-15 days of regular consumption should start showing the desired results. And yeah, the cute thingies can be carried around conveniently. So, drink up on your drive to office or on way back from that bootcamp or anytime in between!img_2444

Taste – Took some time getting used to , but pretty neutral

Price – Rs.100/- for a pack of 5 shots

Variants – Amla, Wheatgrass, Honey Lemon Cinnamon

Available at – Le Marche stores , Kiva website

Have you tried these healthy shots? Share your feedback in the comments section , would love to hear from you! Stay Naturally Lush, will ya!  🙂


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