Holi-Ready with Skn Essentials’s Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar

Note : All fabulous paintings used in this piece credit to renowned Indian painter Rajeshwar Nyalapalli

The white outfit, rang – barse, flirt-some, eat-drink-make merry , much-fun fest is just a few days away. And while you are prepping for the color-riot, we’ve got your gorgeousness covered.

Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar, Founder-SknEssentials shares some all-natural, healing and nourishing DIYs to ensure the post-fest glow. “Apart from using natural and organic colors or making your own flower & leaf crush based colors, you should also prep your skin and hair to minimize damage. Further, a natural post –Holi cleansing routine will both moisturize and nourish them.”, advises Dr. Bhatnagar.

Follow the 2 Stage process and choose any recipe from the many options that promise to take care of your body, face, hair and nails.

Stage 1 / PREPPING PRE-HOLIpainting 2


~ Liberally apply Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter  for 2-3 nights pre-Holi so that the skin base is oily, preventing the color from settling on the skin.

~ Mustard /  Sesame oil  + Almond oil  blend (2:1) + 2-3 drops of of Lavender / Rose Essential oil  for fragrance

~ On the day of the festival, apply a thin layer of any of the above options & ensure application of a liberal dose of Sunscreen (preferably SPF 30 or above).


~ For acne/pimples use Cinnamon (Dalchini) paste over the pimples to reduce them. Nutmeg (Jaiphal) paste can be applied on acne that’s just starting to show up. If the pimples are already pus filled, cut a Garlic pod and apply a drop of Garlic juice on the eruption. This should help settle the problem.

~ Wash your face with a paste of lukewarm Milk and Bengal Gram-flour (Besan) with a pinch of Turmeric daily to heal & moisturize the skin at one go.

~ Apply Almond oil daily on the under-eye area, to thoroughly moisturize the delicate skin.

Use a moisturizer with a good SPF to protect your facial skin. Try washing your face every half an hour when you are playing Holi, with a soap free cleanser / facial oil. rn4


~ Oil your hair with Olive oil + regular Vegetable oil  (1:3 ). This will seal the pores of the scalp and keep the shaft of the hair soft and silky, protecting it from the heavy color. Oil daily for 2-3 days before the festival.

Before playing Holi, make sure to liberally apply oil to the scalp and the hair shaft. This makes color removal easier.

Hands and Feet

The cuticle and the nails are the worst hit by the colors.

~ Take some Milk Cream (Malai) + Multigrain bread , mix it to make a kind of paste and use it as a daily cleanser for the hands and feet during bathing. This will soften the cuticle and the nail bed. The oil in the cream will form a protective layer around the nails as well.

~ Cut your nails short and apply a coat of dark nail polish avoid color settling on the nails.

~ Moisturize the soles of the feet need. In case they have cracks, give them a daily massage with Mustard oil and Petroleum jelly 8-10 nights before the festival. Ensure your hands and feet are well nourished on the day of the festival.


Prep in advance because post-Holi all you’ll want to do is bathe and sleep!


~ Make a fine paste of Red Lentil (Lal Masoor Dal) + Black Gram (Urad Dal) + Oatmeal ,taken in equal quantities and make a paste of it in milk and keep it ready. If possible also add some Margosa (Neem )leaves to the decoction . After letting the color wash away in the shower, scrub with this mixture and moisturize well.

~ Make a thick paste of Honey and Milk and keep it aside. After shampooing the hair, use this mix to deep condition the hair shaft and cool the scalp as well. Apply this mix and leave it for 7-10 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo again.rn3


~ Oatmeal powder + Bengal Gram flour (Besan) + a pinch of Turmeric + mashed Banana + some Orange juice makes a very potent cleansing and restoring mask. Apply the mask and leave it for 10 minutes and scrub it lightly while removing it.

~ For Oily and  Acne –prone skin , Bengal Gram flour (Besan) + pinch of Pepper + Camphor mixed in Curd water (Yoghurt water) is an excellent face mask. Keep it on for a few minutes and wash off. Always take care not to dry the mask on the face.

Tip – You can make & keep the dry mixtures and store them in the bottles a few days before the festival and prepare the wet mix before you go out to play Holi . After all we all know prevention is better than cure.

For all natural skin and body care consultation and products, reach Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar at :

330 , Galleria office space , 3rd Floor (Above Le’ Marche), DLF 4, Gurgaon
246 , Sapphire Mall , 2nd floor , Sohna Road, Gurgaon
For Appointment -9999631247 , 9650010148

Happy Holi and stay Naturally Lush!


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