Sleep Well

“If you think about it, we all take better care of our smartphones than we take care of ourselves. I bet everybody here knows approximately how much battery life their phones have left.” —Arianna Huffington

Today is World Sleep Day aaaand don’t roll your eyes just yet.

With ‘special days’ pouring out of our ears, this seems like another day to celebrate or not. However, what cannot be ignored is the fact that lack of sleep or poor sleep quality affects the body and mind big time.

‘Sleep’ is topping wellness charts globally and with good reason. With a chronically distracted, fatigued, over-worked, over-partied lifestyle, most of us pass our days with a sleep deficit. Here’s a quick self-audit. Are you tired when you wake up? Yawning the day away? Do you wake up enthusiastic and surging with positive energies? Or listless and lethargic?

Look closely at your answers. It may be time to take a better look at how you are sleeping.

If I don’t get my shut-eye and boy, I need it like it would go out of fashion soon – here’s how it shows up next day :

  • Visibly tired and dull skin
  • Brain Fog (Processing information gets slower, Poor decision making etc.)
  • Irritability
  • No patience with work & family demands
  • Dragging myself through the day
  • Feeling like cr** basically
  • In short, lack of a good night’s sleep sucks.

Here’s how I survive and ensure a nourished and rested mind-body.

1.8 Hours + Regular Bed-Time and Wake-up Time

I try and sleep by 9.30 pm and wake up by 5.30 am, almost every day. If you use an iPhone – go to the ‘Bedtime’ option under ‘Clock’. Set it up to an 8-hour sleep time, with a reminder at least 30 minutes before. It even analyses your sleep quality.IMG_4141

2.Declutter + Dim

It’s simple. Dimming the lights signals your body to slow down and settle in. And a clean space ensures that Zen induced shut-eye.


No gadgets at least 30 minutes before sleepy-time.Period.

4.Bed-time Ritual

I am a big advocate of bed-time rituals. They are the perfect winding-down after a hectic day. My bed-time ritual is a 45-minute routine that involves

  • cleansing with a light facial oil like Jojoba to remove any trace of makeup, followed by a pure Rosewater spritz , an Eye-cream, Serum (currently am using Phytosil Vit C -Repair and Hydrate) and a nourishing Night MoisturizerIMG_4146IMG_4144
  • massaging feet with a rich foot cream and putting on socks for a while – a very relaxing routine
  • a cup of Chamomile or a Digestive Mint Tea
  • writing to-do’s for the next day , so am not trying to remember and wake up knowing it’s all penned down
  • snuggle up with a book or relaxing music

5.Keep Fluffy out

You don’t want no pet pattering around at mid-night, sniff ups or snoring to interrupt that well-earned rest.

Happy Sleep Day , Stay Naturally Lush! And if you have a favorite sleep ritual, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I had difficulty falling asleep. For about two months I listened to podcasts on line with my eyes closed to relax my body and mind for about ten minutes. After that ritual I was sleeping much better. Now I don not need to go on line to listen to podcasts. I am able to relax myself on my own.


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