For the ‘Noor’ in you

There is something very sexy about all natural beauty products. The feeling of being nature – earthy, delicate, of the elements, sensual, senses awake to purity –  physicality meeting imagery.

‘After Bath’ – Painting by MN Roy , Salarjung Museum

And when we are talking of attar (or itr), the sensuality of it all takes on a different dimension. One imagines Indian and Middle East Princesses luxuriating in scented Hamams , scrubbed with clays and herbs and floral essences and then dressed in finery and jewels with strategically dabbed itr – ready for an evening of music or garden strolls.

As legend goes, hours before Empress Noorjahan would bathe, her bathtub would be sprinkled with crushed rose petals. One day. she noticed an oily substance floating on the surface of water. Rooh Gulab was discovered in that eureka moment and attar (itr) was born. Kannauj, today the largest producer of natural attar in the world, became the favourite place of Noorjahan’s consort Jahangir, to experiment with his Queen’s passion.

Attar at Kannauj is still handmade in the same traditional way as it was 5,000 years back and most of it finds it way in domestic and export markets of the Middle-East.

Take a look at the mesmerising process in the video below!

SSK Perfumers, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers and exporters of itr and beauty oils , are carrying on that ancient legacy of traditionally made, artisan , pure products. ( The video above showcases their manufacturing unit).

We tried a few of their products and each lived up to its promise.

Sesame Oil  is the traditional oil of choice for Abhyanga, the daily Ayurvedic self-massage. It is rich in linoleic acid, and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties , while nourishing and preventing the skin from getting excessively dry.



Rose Water is a beauty staple. An all-in-one spritz that can cleanse, tone and moisturise. The hack is to choose a brand that is made the traditional way. We loved the SSK Rose Water for its pure Rose fragrance and brand lineage.



Navankur Oil by SSK Perfumers is a science backed , all natural recipe that promises to take care of thinning hair by helping in regeneration. It will take regular usage over a period of time to prove the veracity of the promise , but since it is a blend of Ayurveda recommended oils, we suspect it will do its job well!



Rose and Henna Itr come in convenient roll-on bottles and yes, smell divihhnn! We are turning into Itr lovers. Best part, the fragrance only grows stronger with time on your body. Yum or what? Try out on a date night or a soiree´ and watch your inner Queen take over. Swoon.IMG_5266

To know more and get your hands on these artisan, pure blends made the traditional way, reach out to Manjari Tandon at 9999737483.

IMG_5248Stay beautifully, naturally lush. 

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