Naturally Lush with Pamma Gaba

Being naturally lush is about looking and feeling gorgeous from the inside-out. It’s about the aura that makes people stop and wonder – wow, what’s she got going?

Fitness , eating clean, mindful routines and positive vibes, y’all!

That’s the question likely to pop in anyone’s head on meeting the pretty Pamma Gaba – makeover consultant, fitness buff, healthy living advocate , model and mum to 2 cute li’l girls.  However, beyond the delicate face and friendly demeanour is a strong will and a commitment to regular work-outs, meal planning, skin-care rituals and advising women on how to look their best.IMG_9530 (1)

She shares her fitness and happy skin routines and rituals with Naturally Lush. Here’s all the glam-chic-healthy dope.

“I start my day at 6.30 am with Hot Lemon Water , Mixed Nuts and a shot of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to detox , hydrate and energise from within. After dropping my girls to school , I pop-in my hair vitamins ( I swear by Hairburst! ) and 1 Banana as  a pre-work out snack.

It’s time to hit the gym around 9.00 am (5 days a week). My workouts include a mix of different routines including Cardio, Strength, Yoga and Spinning to ensure toning , endurance as well as flexibility. ”


Monday / Yoga + Cardio

Tuesday / Strength Training (Back +Triceps)

Wednesday / TRX class or sometimes I just take a break

Thursday / Spinning + Abs

Friday / Legs

Saturday / Recovery Day

Sunday / 30 min walk in the evening


“I believe in planned meals that are freshly prepared , wholesome and balanced. An average day meal plan will include :

Breakfast / 2 Egg whites with Oats/Bread/Poha                                                                

Midday Snack / Green Vegetable Juice (Cucumbers, Celery, Mint leaves, Chia and Flax seeds) or Green Tea and a fruit.                                                                                                

Lunch / Brown Rice or 2 multigrain Chapatis/Pasta /Noodles with veggies and lentils / chickpeas / chicken / fish / curd – so basically a balanced meal that includes one protein source , one carbohydrate source and veggies.

Post-lunch /  Digestive green tea and fruit or indulge in some dark chocolate.

Early evening / a cup of tea or coffee + a  small Oatmeal cookie                                

Dinner / Sprout salad + Grilled Chicken or Fish.

I go salt-free one evening a week where regular dinner is replaced with a Smoothie (berries, yogurt, protein half scoop, chia and flax seeds). Weekends are for indulging – Burgers, Pizzas or even Paani Poori and Chat Papri , which  I balance out by eating one healthy meal.”


On the skin care routine behind her ethereal glow, she shares, “I am religious about CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Mositurising) in the AM & PM and use Lancome Face Wash & Toner , Kiehl’s Deep Moisture Balm followed by Vit C Serum Obagi , Sunscreen La Roche-Posay SPF 50+. Before hitting the bed, I cleanse & tone with the same products and additionally use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil and a Bobbi Brown under-eye hydrating cream”.

Get that calendar out, plan your workouts , meals and happy skin rituals.

Glow, girl and stay Naturally Lush!


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