Organic, Handmade Dry Shampoo by Bon Organics

How many times have you been in a spot when your hair looks like you could grease a creaky door with it and you have no time to grab a coffee, let alone run through the whole wet shampoo-conditioner- blow dry – style routine?

Me? More times than I can count!

Dry Shampoo, love.

Personally, its a life saver. Especially when my hair looks flat and limp but I do not want to wet shampoo that day or don’t have the time. For lack of natural AND effective options out there,  I was reluctantly using a popular,chemically overloaded dry shampoo brand and cringed every single time I used it.

Well, I was beautifying my hair with Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Alcohol & similar. Read the label in the image below and one wonders why do they even put something like this out in the aisles!( By the way, that’s the list of ingredients common to most dry shampoo brands out there.)

And then, Bon Organics.


With ‘The World’s first Handmade and Organic Dry Shampoo’ (as per their website). It was a down-on-my-knees-thanking-God moment.

I am a Bon Organics Fan Girl. We are talking major crush vibes that started with their divinely fragrant Blueberry & Aloe Vera Body Wash and amazing Aloe Vera Shampoo. An Auroville based unit, Bon Organics has a wide range of Bath & Body products for Women, Men and Baby – 100% Chemical Free, Handmade and completely natural.

The Dry Shampoo has established the brand as being absolutely on trend, while also being a super-clean product.

IMG_0420The ingredient list is divinely lush with Organic Zea mays (Corn) Starch, Organic Maranta (Arrowroot) Powder, Organic Dried Lavandula (Lavender) Powder, Essential Oils of Organic Lavandula (Lavender), Organic Citrus bergamia (Bergamot), Organic A. barbadensis Mill. (BON’s Pure Aloe Vera gel), & Organic Citrus × Limon (Lemon) Oil Vegtable based Organic contents only.  Contains No Harsh Chemicals, No alcohol, No Animal products or sulfates.


To review the product , I used it on my third-day hair ( shampooed a couple of days before), before hitting the gym. My hair was  limp and greasy and I needed to give it a little boost plus look clean. Now, unlike most spray based products , this product is a powder and it was tough to get it out of the nozzle, so had to unscrew the lid and tap the product out (tiny inconvenience for the benefits offered).

The powder is then massaged onto the scalp through sectioned hair. Ruffling up the hair with your hands gets rid of any excess powder.

Eureka !

I was left with clean looking and fresh smelling hair, good to last the day , or at least see me through the workout! The product was as effective as the previously used chemical alternative, but completely minus the toxicity. In fact, it is even nourishing for the hair. The product details mention that its completely alright if the powder drops on the face , because all of it is 100% natural.

Here’s a helpful infographic from on how to use Dry Shampoo.DryShampooA2xDo note that Dry Shampoo is NOT an alternative to shampooing but more of a Band-Aid solution for immediate limp /greasy hair-woe relief.

Best of all, Bon Organics is engaging the local community and villages in hand crafting their awesomeness. A brand with a heart!

IMG_0408Price : Rs.156 for 30ml and Rs.250 for 50ml

Available online at : Bon Organics

Do you Dry-Shampoo? And if you have tried Bon Organics Dry Shampoo or any of their products , drop in a line about your experience in the comments below.

Happy Hair & Stay Naturally Lush !

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