Skilixir ~ The Collagen Beauty Drink

Jennifer Aniston raves about it. Bio hacker and Bulletproof Coffee founder, Dave Asprey swears by it. And this scientific study approves.

Collagen supplements work.

Ingestible beauty is the global trend to adopt and add to a healthy lifestyle. So, while the classic gorgeous-skin mantras of hydration, balanced diet and good quality sleep stand their ground , supplementing the skin & hair care regimen with science-backed supplements are what we are now talking about.

Basically, Collagen is the protein that keeps skin firm and elastic and our joints lubricated. However, as we hit the mid-20’s , our body produces less collagen and hence the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines , dry looking skin et al. The supplements available in the market use collagen sourced from marine, bovine or porcine sources. Of these, marine sources are the most effective.

I have been advocating Collagen for a while now- the leading star of the beauty -you-can -eat movement – for luminous , plumped up skin , shiny hair and strong nails. In a previous blog post, I talked about how my skin started feeling super hydrated and now over months, I can see the difference with a smoother skin appearance.

So, here’s what I discovered lately that made me switch over from my earlier powder based collagen supplement (because collagen is absorbed better in a liquid form , plus is convenient).

SKILIXIR, India’s first liquid collagen drink.

Developed and manufactured at a facility in Taiwan that supplies similar drinks to the EU and Scandinavian countries and marketed by The Skin Project– Skilixir, The Collagen Beauty Drink , is positioned as the Louis Vuitton of Collagen drinks (it def looks the part but here’s the best – its not priced the LV way!).IMG_3506Unlike pills and powders,collagen ingested in liquid form is most stable and is far more easily absorbed.IMG_3760Key Ingredients 

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen ( specific type of collagen that is pre-engineered to be easier to absorb. Instead of forcing your body to break down amino acids and then re-assemble those amino acids into collagen, hydrolyzed collagen skips that step)

Silver Ear Mushroom Hyaluronic Saccharides ( natural substitute to sodium hyaluronate, source of Vit D and a free radical scavenger ; also used in skin care products by brands like La Prairie)

L-Glutathione ( one of the most effective anti-oxidants ; skin brightener; reduces pigmentation)

Silk Protein (provides proline , needed for collagen synthesis)

Vit E

Vit C

/ Packaging  It is one of the best in its product category. The solid outer box has the shots conveniently stacked and  I particularly loved the pink and gold brand colors. I wouldn’t mind gifting a starter pack to a girlfriend! 🙂IMG_3501

And its FSSAI certified.

IMG_3766/ Taste   While Collagen supplements can be a tad tough on the taste front, Skilixir has an easy peachy taste plus can be downed in one swig.IMG_3507

/  To Use For visible effects, consumption of 1 bottle daily for a minimum of 1 month is required. After 3 months, the changes in the skin are quite noticeable. Very easily taken in ( and I have quite the gag reflex!)

/ Price Rs.3,500 for a pack of 10 bottles (30 ml each)

/ Source Reach out to the brand’s India Representative  – Vandana Arora  at  9811038372 or

Meanwhile, do remember that supplements are there to supplement, not weave miracles. So, make sure you are giving your skin some lovin’ with clean eats, regular workouts,keeping it hydrated, using good-quality non-toxic skin care brands , sleeping well and keeping it calm!



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