3 ways to incorporate wellness while WFH

Hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. These are extremely tough times and I pray for strength to all. We worry not just about our health and families but also our jobs and incomes.

While Google is going to allow majority of its employees to work out of home till 2021, Twitter has taken it up a notch higher with CEO Jack Dorsey communicating that employees will be “allowed to work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown passes.” On the flip side, studies are also talking about the negative effects of long term WFH on mental health and efficiencies.

So, while we discover which way the verdict goes, here are 3 ways you can incorporate wellness while working from home.

Start your day intentionally with a Clarity + Focus Ritual

Staying at home should not translate into holiday vibes. Wake up early, set aside some personal time for a mindful start to the day. An intentional beginning will flow into a less stressful, more focused and productive workday.

  • Begin with a 10-minute gratitude meditation & positive visualization – while breathing slow and deep, practice being grateful for all that you have and visualize contributing, completing your tasks ahead and engaging positively with your colleagues. Download an app like Calm for guided meditations or just soothing music to facilitate your practice.
  • Incorporate at least 30 minutes of workout – yoga, HIIT, cardio- you can refer to apps like Yoga International, fit, Nike Training Club or attend online Zoom classes like the one from Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon.
  • Reach out for Green Tea or Herbal Tea instead of sugary teas or coffee, that cause a blood sugar spike leading to subsequent brain fog. Have a light, protein rich breakfast.
  • Start your work time intentionally, with a mantra maybe, focusing all your thought and intentions on the work ahead.

Make your work desk a sanctuary

Your work desk is a space you should love being at. Make it your sanctuary – a space that feels serene, energizing and happy, where you will love to be.

  • ‘KonMari’ your work desk or home office. Renowned for introducing Japanese minimalism, Marie Kondo, organizing super guru, advocates being only around things that ‘spark joy’. Add to it those that are ‘absolutely useful’. Everything else can be ‘thanked’ and let go! Watch her declutter Fast Company’s Editor’s Desk here
  • Add a potted green in a pretty desk planter for outdoorsy, serene vibes. Look up the options at Nursery Live.
  • Play some soothing music in the background. Check out Spotify’ ‘Perfect Work Playlist’.

Take mini Self-Care Pauses

For every hour of being at the desk, take a brief 10-minute rejuvenating break.

  • Stretch, Walk Around, reconnect with your breathing by 10 deep, slow inhales and exhales or raise the tempo with 20 Jumping Jacks. Shake yourself up or cool yourself down.
  • Help with a quick household chore, engage with your family.
  • Cuddle your child or play with your pet.
  • Brew yourself a perfect cup of tea or coffee, snack on some nuts or fruit.

A beautiful life is intentionally created. Start with where you may be spending your larger part of the day at.

Stay Well. Hugs!

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