Wellness 2.0

Life as we know is changing. Priorities, plans, agendas, mindsets, thought frames, beliefs, perceptions are undergoing a metamorphosis. And yet, despite the pandemic’s doom and gloom scenario, society may just be evolving into something better.

Wellness is no different.

There is a marked shift from trendy, with-it, product driven, expensive ‘wellness’ to a deeper understanding of its true meaning, and accessing it in affordable, sustainable ways.

Here’s a peek into the wellness before & after!

BC (Before COVID 19)

Turmeric Lattés.



Gym Memberships.

Bulletproof Coffee.

Avocado Toast.


Jade Rolling.

Green Smoothies.

Organic Foods.

Clean Beauty.

I, Me, Myself.


Body, Mind & Soul.

Post COVID 19

Preventive Health Care.

Immunity Building.

Stress Management.

Anywhere Fitness.

Financial Wellness.

Personal Development.

Wearable Health Tech.

Self Care.


Workplace Wellness.

Face Yoga ( Natural alternative, No expense).

Wellness inspired interiors.

Me + Community.


Local Farms.


Body, Mind, Soul + Society + Spaces.

The conversation around Wellness is expanding beyond the self to including society and the planet. People are looking at Wellness brands and influencers for real solutions to real problems, in easy to access ways. Turmeric Lattés of course will always be at hand. 🙂

Stay safe and good health to all of us!

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