Giving yourself space

5.30 am.


Like clock work.

My body clock.

No allowances for hitting the bed late last night.

I woke up feeling so meh!

Partly, because last night I was on a rare late night Netflix binge of ‘Hinterland’ ( Btw, If you love noir mysteries set in hauntingly stark and beautiful rural Welsh scapes, do give it a watch!). The marathon watching spree was a distraction from some no-so-good mind space over the past couple of days.

But, a 4-hour binge-watch, lying-on-the-bed at an awkward angle, peppered with late night snacking wasn’t the best decision.

I slept off. Tired, with an achy body and an exhausted mind.

Feeling worse than earlier.

And awoke with all the hung-over feels. Yet, despite the low moods, I knew one thing – I had to take some proactive steps so as not to let yesterday cast its shadow on today. Taking a few deep breaths, I set a gentle intention of absolute mindfulness that would lead to a shift in my perspective and moods.

First, Gratitude.

There is always something to be thankful for. There is always a silver lining , no matter how dark the cloud over your head. Today, was a miracle from God. A blessing I was honoured to receive. And I had to receive it as such – with thankfulness and love in my heart.

Secondly, I decided to let go of schedule and show up for myself in other ways.

Taking an easy pace, baby stepping into the morning.

This called for not going on auto-pilot routines, scrolling through social media and early morning mind-chatter. Or rushing to plan family breakfasts, and the daily to-do.Mostly, in the mornings I workout for an hour alternating between a brisk walk in the neighbourhood park, listening to my favourite podcasts or a strength training / conditioning workout. Today, however, wasn’t going to be a get-set-go morn! I needed to ease into the day. Not feel the pressure of not messing up the daily schedule.

Despite not in the mood for a workout, I knew skipping an early morning movement routine, would not really help. So, I decided to go for an easy Vinyasa Yoga flow. Something, that would gently stretch my body and not feel like a strain in any way. I rolled out my mat in the backyard, the grass strewn with ‘Nagchampa’ flowers that had fallen during the night. The sight was therapeutic. To some soothing early morning bird-song, I reached out for the skies, grounded myself to the earth, twisted to release the tensions, bent over to stretch those tight and sore muscles and worked up a light sweat. The session was wrapped up with a 10 minute meditation, releasing all thoughts from my mind and just clearing mental space.

Knowing I had worked out meant I had showed up -even if it wasn’t a calorie-busting, heart pumping one, the gentle yoga session was exactly what my body needed today.

Thirdly, I was going indulge myself.

I needed the extra me-time, an added pick-me-up. Thought-less ness. Which called for utter mindfulness and presence in the now. So I moved up my nightly pre-bedtime face massage routine to the morning. The physical movements of Neck & Face Yoga to release the tension in my facial muscles and a massage sequence for activating them at the same time was so tempting and needed. So, out came the jade roller and the Guasha. Massaging in a blend of Almond oil, a few drops of Vitamin C serum and a couple of drops of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair ( am sure it wouldn’t take the morning off!) made for a luxurious, skin nourishing ritual.

The shift. My god, that shift.

From low energies and moods to a gently awakened positive mind-set. I was so ready to take on the day, looking forward to embracing it with all my love and gratitude.

All because I decided to not let my yesterday affect my today, treated myself with kindness and gentleness, without extra demands on my body or aiming for perfection, re-adjusting my routine to what I knew would work best for me at that time.

I gave myself some space.

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