Every time you choose a local and sustainable self-care or home-care brand for consumption, you are contributing at so many levels. You are helping a small business grow, making an environment-friendly choice, most times helping a marginalised community involved in the production – all while practicing self care in a most clean, chemical free way!

Sarika Narayan, a sustainability consultant in the crafts sector and a dear friend, recommends the following tried and tested brands that are both do-good and feel-good!

  1. Beco (letsbeco.com)

100 % natural and plant based, their home and kitchen care products are made of Bamboo fibre and corn starch. Another brownie point is for the affordability!

Spotlight’s on : Biodegradable Garbage Bags, Toilet Paper, Kitchen Tissue

2. Organiko (organiko.in)

Organiko has interestingly gone back to Cleopatra’s go to beauty secret – Donkey’s milk, and made a range of exciting soaps that promise the fabled benefits of this centuries old ingredient. ‘Packed with proteins, phospholipids and ceramides ( which helps in the regeneration of the skin) this impressive milk is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E. In short it is a blend of all the best therapies that your skin deserves.’ The founder is a graduate of TISS ( Tata Institute of Social Sciences).

Spotlight’s on : Donkey Milk Charcoal & Honey Soap, Donkey Milk Natural Ingredients Soap, Donkey Milk Licorice Cinnamon Soap

3. Neev Soaps (neevsoaps.com)

Award winning Neev has its own organic farms where herbs like rose, alovera, mehndi, ashwa-gandha, shatavari, bhringraj, brahmi, clove, basil, cucumber, amaranth, harar,bahera, lemon etc are cultivated. These ingredients are used in production of Neev’s range of self-care and home products. Neev employs rural women, uses indigenous oils and has a solar powered production unit! Their unit also does not cause any air, water, soil or noise pollution.

Spotlight’s on : Kumumadi Oil, A range of Apple Cider Vinegar products, Natural Loofah filled with Olive Rose Soap, Almond Oil Kajal for dark smoky eyes, Sesame Oil Kajal for dark smoky eyes

4. SOS Organics (sosorganics.com)

With Natural Cosmetics and Health Foods as the focus,SOS Organics refers to itself as ‘an ongoing experiment dedicated as a model for holistic sustainable living across villages in the Himalayas.’Their portfolio has a wide range of natural cosmetics, health food, hand-crafted soaps,  rock salt lamps, a range of aromatic herbal infusions and seasonings, health foods including gluten-free flours and grains, teas and massage oils.

Spotlight’s on : Ginger Lily Night Cream, Chamomile Herbal Infusions, Hemp based cosmetics

5. The Better Home Shop ( thebetterhome)

From the good folks at The Better India, the Clean & Green Home Cleaning Kit from the better home is a must-try! Free of toxic chemicals and full of environment friendly ingredients, the kit includes Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Cleaner, Laundry Cleaner and Floor Cleaner. While you can buy stand-alone products, they have a subscription service that meets your monthly household cleaning requirements.

Spotlight’s on : The Better Home Cleaning Kit Subscription Service

Do you have a local, sustainable brand that you have tried and can recommend? Drop a line in the comments and stay local, sustainable and naturally lush 🙂

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