Namasté & welcome to Naturally Lush.

A blog born of a quest for living the beautiful, mindful, healthy life. A pause to reflect on the daily choices we make, an antidote to living on the auto-pilot. Here we celebrate clean eats , moving our bodies , using chemical – free cosmetics & being mindful.

In other words, adopting a conscious lifestyle that is holistically healthy and minimises carbon footprint.

I love living the naturally lush life by eating organic (as much as possible), exercising regularly (yoga , gymming, kickboxing,running, swimming – I have tried them all and tend to mix and match ) and making aware lifestyle choices. The blog is my personal quest to spotlight choices that inspire natural living.

So, join my journey as I explore, discover, experiment and review natural products & services, healthy eats,  beauty / fitness routines and generally talk soul.:)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Stay Naturally Lush!

Love ,


Please note : I am not a professional aesthetician or nutritionist but an ardent natural living enthusiast and the opinions / reviews expressed on the blog are my own , after trying & testing all products/ services.


  1. hi,
    Warm Greetings…..
    Could you please avail you contact ( mail id will do)
    To know more about the product and some Export.
    Regards, Vivek


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